Tulsi Gabby-One Worlder Washington DC “elite” Bitch says Washington Elite Pose “Greatest Threat” To Democracy

One more time.
USA has never been, is not now a democracy.

Under the revolutionaries it was a Republic according to Ben Franklin.
A constitutional republic.

The closet homosexual atheist shyster rail road lawyer lying war criminal yankee communist Lincoln

killed the constitutional republic and implemented a soviet styled communist dictatorship thinly disguised as a constitutional republic where the constitution means nothing but is given lip service to make the sheep think they are free.
Sort of.

Bitch is talking about her own whored out ass!

Republiphiles and Demophiles have this game the play with the sheep who’s memories are shorter than their dicks.

It’s called Good Cop-Bad Cop!


IF YOU WANT TO WASTE YOUR TIME READING THE LIES TOLD BY A WHORED OUT Washington DC “ELITE” Ratschild’s dick sucker, I will post the link below.

The Ole Dog!


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