I keep getting emails from the contact me part of this site how they can help my “business” make more loot or get wider readership.

I purposely set this site up non profit.

Not non profit with “governmnet” blessing and strings which means I could pocket loot but appear to be using the loot to farther the site’s mission.

I mean I have never made one cent off the site, and never will.

If I wanted to be a rich ass hole I would have been.
The local congressman called my father and offered West Point when I graduated high school.

All the presidents at least until the BadBushs who I do not know if they are really who they are supposed to be are my cousins.

I am descended from most the people you study in history who were worth a shit.
And some who weren’t.

Most of the generals throughout history worth a shit are my grandfathers and all the American generals worth a shit in US and Confederate history are my cousins.

I knew Bitcoin was going to dazzling heights when I could have bought whole coins for chump change.

This world is a school.
Nothing which happens here is really of any lasting importance.

Empires/kingdoms are born and die.
Then the class ends and a new class starts.

The USA empire is dying.
The people turned their backs on God and ran after personal physical perverted gratifications, personal power and earthly wealth.

School class is coming to an end.

This life I wanted to hide in the crowd.
After God got through bitch slapping me onto my ass again and again, I agreed to unconditionally do my duty to God.

I warn the sheep because in order to be held accountable for their evil on the other side, they had to be warned.
Thats what all the Biblical prophets were about.
Warning the people so they could be held accountable.

The USA murdered me my last two lives for standing up for God and Good.
Trying to warn the American sheep they were heading for the slaughterhouse doors.

When this body dies, I will return home.
I will get a rest, and a new set of orders.
I will be born again in human form and execute those orders to the best of my ability.
In the process I will learn lessons, grow spiritually.

Thats what this rock is about.
Don’t take this physical world so seriously.
It is only an illusion in order for you to attend this school.
From what I see, most souls are flunking the class anyway.

The Ole Dog!

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