An innocent child is the closest thing to God on this rock.

Jesus the christ said any evil SOB who harms one hair on even one of God’s children, should be EXECUTED.

I personally know people who’s adult lives spiraled out of control because they could not bear to face the pain of being raped as a child by some evil son of a bitch, sometimes their own father’s with the mother standing by because she did not want to shake up her own world by divorcing or having jailed her husband.

Plus the evil sons of bitches you regularly vote and cheer for who murder the little children they rape so they are not found out.

When you stand before the history of your life on the otherside, do you REALLY think I did nothing to stop it because I did not know will be accepted as an excuse for your evil in supporting this evil?

Priest, preachers, judges, presidents, senators, generals, governors, doctors, police, Sunday school teachers, public school teachers and administrators, MSM administrators and talking heads, and more, are all where baby rapers hide.

And you damn sheep offer up your lambs as sexual party favors and cheer these evil ass holes on!

I will have no mercy of the evil sons of bitches, or the sheep who aided them.

God sure as hell won’t!

The Ole Dog!


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