F##K You Sheep Parents-The “State” (US “government”) Owns Your Lambs-3 parents arrested during Arizona school lockdown

Cops in Uvalde should have been armed with these.
They would have been more useful to them while they aided the slaughter of 19 kids and 2 teachers in an FBI false flag for more disarming Americans.

In the end the killing was stoped by an off duty border patrol agent who borrowed his barbers pump shot gun, talked four badge toters to disobey orders to not do anything, went in to save his wife a teacher there and his daughter a 3ed grader there.

Being a good man even after his daughter and wife was safe he and his four fellow order disobeyers continued to rescue other children until they killed the FBI’s mind controlled shooter.

Maybe some of you Einsteins out there should ask yourself where a loser teen ager who worked a part time minimum wage job at a WENDY’S DRIVE THROUGH WINDOW CAME UP WITH OVER NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR ALL THAT AMMO, GEAR AND WEAPONS.

From the FBI via Congress and the IRS of course.
In other words, American tax payers.

In Arizona, parents who paid attention cops were part of making sure many children died in Uvalde freaked when they thought their children were going to murdered in an FBI false flag for more “gun control” (disarming Americans).

They like parents who were attacked by the cops in Uvalde to give the killer as much time to slaughter as many of their children as possible, law enFORCEment in Arizona showed em who really owns their children in the whored out blackmailed with bribes and Mossad Jeffery Child Rape Blackmail videos minds of US and their Sub Corporation “State” “governments”. politicians.

It is time to remove your children from the prison of Government Indoctrination Centers falsely called Public schools where they are taught by trannies how to have anal sex and disrespect their parents while they are waiting to be murdered in FBI false flag slaughters so the blackmailed political whores can caterwaul for disarming Americans.

When my grown daughter was a 3ed grader she came home one day and told me their “teacher” had told them Americans should not have guns.

I replied, there is a big bad man outside who wants to break in, kill you and your mother.
Do you think I should have a gun?

Her eyes got big and she said “YES!!!”.

Her mother went to have a talk with the evil communist bitch “teacher” to tell her to mind her own damn business or next time she would allow me to deal with it, as I wanted to this time.

The daughter is an expert pistol and rifle shot who after the sacrifice of the children on the alter of disarming Americans in Uvalde, as a parent went and got herself a gun.

Her children do not attend public school.
She was so intelligent she got to go to a very special school for super smart kids which did not teach her shit.

I asked her one time after she could not answer a simple question on American history what they taught he in that very special school.

She said they were taught the last standardized test so they could pass the next standardized test so the school and school administrators would look good, get promotions and raises.

She said:
“That is why I sacrifice to make damn sure my children do not go to public schools”.

Now in addition to dumbing the kids down, public schools are serving as shooting galleries with children as the targets for FBI/government false flags to disarm Americans.

The Ole Dog!

‘law enFORCEment assaults parents trying to save their own children’

Police arrested three Arizona parents, shocking two of them with stun guns, as they tried to force their way into a school that police locked down Friday after an armed man was seen trying to get on campus.

The parents were arrested as they tried to get to their children to protect them, authorities said. Officers in the Phoenix suburb of El Mirage used a Taser to stop two of them as they tried to help a man whose own handgun fell to the ground while he was being taken into custody, authorities said.

No shots were fired at Thompson Ranch, the school wasn’t breached and no one was hurt, other than a woman taken to a hospital with Taser injuries from officers who say they were trying to stop her.

“Several parents continued with their agitation, made several statements that they were going to come on campus to help protect their kids,” Chavez said. “As a parent I understand that philosophy. However, there are procedures that law enforcement and the school were following.”

Chavez said a father began pushing to get past officers and as police were arresting him, a man and a woman who had also been confronting officers came to his aid. Officers used a Taser to subdue them and they too were arrested. As the first man was being taken into custody, a gun fell to the ground.

The armed parent will face a weapons charge — guns are not allowed on school grounds — and a disorderly conduct charge. The two parents who were stunned with the Taser will face unspecified charges. The woman was taken by ambulance to a hospital, Chavez said. None were immediately identified.


3 parents arrested during Arizona school lockdown…

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