Mommy Help”: Cops Pin Down Innocent Teen for 6 Minutes in Front of His Parents Until He Stops Breathing and Dies as WE BACK THE BLUE GROUPIES Cheer and Have Sexual Orgasms

A totally innocent teen is murdered by jackbooted goons. Goons superiors “find” they were only doing their job. Good ole boy’s medical examiner determines being brutally beat and choked for six minutes had nothing to do with his death. Cops lie and try to paint murder victim as a “druggy”. Tax payer takes it up […]

So Who Wins?

A friend came by today I see once in a while. He understands more than the average person about the world. We were talking about the evil, corruption of the killer jabs crowd, the sheep they are herding through the slaughterhouse doors. All the evil in high places, the international usury bankers and their whore […]