CDC- It Was a Bald Faced Intentional Lie When Child Mass Murdering CDC Claimed “COVID-19′ Killer Jabs Were Being “Monitored” “by the most intense safety monitoring efforts in U.S. history.”

The Criminal CDC has admitted they lied about “COVID-19” Killer Jabs surveillance, including saying it conducted a certain type of analysis over one year before it actually did.

Heart Inflammation

The Epoch Times in July submitted a FOIA, or a request for non-public information, to the Mass Murdering Lying assed CDC for all reports from a team that was formed to study post-Killer Jab heart inflammation by analyzing reports submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a system run by the Mass Murdering CDC and the Bribed and blackmailed Criminal U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The CDC not only said that the team did not conduct any abstractions or reports through October 2021, but that “an association between myocarditis and mRNA COVID-19 vaccination [Non Vaccine Killer Jabs] was not known at that time.”

That statement was a damned lie.

‘Hang The Child Murdering Evil Demonic Bitch’

Hang the child murdering evil demonic bitch high-
Hang the Big Pharma Bribed Bitch for the big lie-

Snap her neck when she hits the end of the rope from the fall-
As she shits her fruit of the looms dropping from the gallows tall-

Mass Murderers must be executed for the protection of the people-
Hell, instead of gallows hang the bitch from the nearest church steeple-

A Fair Nuremberg Common Law trial and a fair hanging is what the bitch deserves-
Screaming as she falls as the crowd cheers and observes-

The price of selling ones soul to the dark side-
Next stop will be hell where the child murdering bitch will abide!

The Ole Dog!

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