“Be Willing To Use Deadly Force”: IRS Sparks Uproar Over Job Posting

A “volunteer” “tax” which needs machine gun toting leg breakers and bag men goons?

Corporations have Income.
A living soul (a human) is not a corporation therefore can not receive “income”.
If a living soul is not a corporation, therefore has no income, how can they be “taxed” “voluntarily” with machine gun toting goons on the “income” they do not receive?

Humans or living souls are compensated for their labor.

Get yourself some legal dictionaries and study what words mean in legalize.
I would not bother with any legal dictionary past about 1970 or so.

I have dictionaries going back Samuel Johnson’s 1775 Dictionary of the English Language.
I have legal dictionaries back to the start of both Blacks Law dictionaries and Bouvier’s which is the ones the “Supreme Court” “uses”.

Years back I would pick a word, start in the oldest edition, look at the word in each version thereafter and saw when around 1933 is when it really took off, they started trying to slowly change the legal meanings of certain words to deny humans their God Given Rights under USA Corporate courts.

In 1957 the US Corporate courts switched from Common Law pleadings to Statutory pleadings.

Under Common Law Pleadings, if no one is hurt by an action, if no one’s property is damaged by a action, then no crime has been done and no court has jurisdiction of the action which is not a crime.

Under statutory pleadings if Big Brother makes a rule you can not do something, (often stealing your God Given Rights from you), and you do it anyway, no matter no one was harmed and no one’s property was damaged, the “government” can steal the fruits of your labor, (fine you), kidnap you, (throw your ass in jail or prison), or have their leg breakers and bag men, (cops) kill you.

The USA cops can and have murdered people for crossing a street outside the cross walk when no cars were coming, no one was hurt (other than the person murdered by the cops), and no one’s property was damaged.

If the “laws” (arbitrary rules) are for your protection, then the USA’s armed thugs are murdering you to protect you from getting hurt?

If you are ignorant, you do not understand just how far they have shoved that red, white and blue dick up your ass!

The Ole Dog!

Only two things in life are certain – death and taxes, and the IRS can take care of both.

As the agency prepares to add 87,000 new positions over 10 years, pending the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act that will give the agency $80 billion (half of which will be earmarked to help crack down on tax evasion), an online job posting for “Criminal Investigation Special Agents” has sparked outrage over a “key requirement” that applicants be “legally allowed to carry a firearm.”

While Democrats say the IRS’s enhanced collections will raise an additional $124 billion in federal revenue from tax cheats over the next decade, Republicans warn that an army of IRS agents will do nothing but harass small business owners and lower-income workers. According to an analysis by House Republicans, Americans earning less than 75,000 per year will receive 60% of the additional tax audits.

The analysis, which is a conservative estimate based upon recent audit rates and tax filing data, shows that individuals with an annual income of $75,000 or less would be subject to 710,863 additional IRS audits, while those making more than $1 million would receive 52,295 more audits under the bill.

Overall, the IRS would conduct more than 1.2 million more annual audits of Americans’ tax returns, according to the analysis. Another 236,685 of the estimated additional audits would target individuals with an annual income between $75,000 and $200,000.

Democrats insist Americans making less than $400,000 will not be targeted by agents hired due to the spending bill. -NY Post


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