Tulsi Gabby Warns “Our Democracy Is In Grave Danger”

I betcha this One World Government Bitch could suck the Crome off a trailer hitch ball!

Damn good liar too.
Said that bullshit with a straight face!
Even she is not stupid enough to think the USA has ever been, or is now a “democracy”.

Under the Revolutionaries it was a constitutional republic.
When Ben Franklin was asked what they had formed, he said:
“A republic if you can hold on to it”.

The closet homosexual atheist yankee shyster rail road lawyer war criminal Lincoln killed the Revolutionaries volunteer Union and replaced it with a Mandatory Soviet styled Marxist (communist) dictatorship run out of the barrels of the USA military weapons.

So where did this lying assed political whore come up with a “democracy” which is in danger.

Any of you ever been to a Southern Baptist Church business meeting?
Now that is a democracy.
Every member, no matter how stupid, hypocritical or greedy gets the same chance to have their say and a vote which counts as much as any other on every single item of business.

But hey, as Cousin George said, Politicians are cum sucking lying evil whores.
All of them.

The Ole Dog!

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