Tutsi Gabby, One Worlder “Government” Bitch Who Tried To Claim Ant-war Status While Voting To Fund The Slaughter Of God’s Little Children All Over the World, HAS NOW SEEN THE LIGHT!!!

AND IF YOU BELIEVE THAT, I HAVE SOME OCEAN FRONT PROPERTY IN THE SEHARA DESERT I WILL SELL YOU. CHEAP! A street walking whore “loves” whoever is handing them twenty dollars at the moment. I am surprised the Bitch’s teeth have not rotted out from all the filthy lies she has strained through them. It […]

War Criminal US Which Illegally Invaded & Occupies Syria Illegally In A War Crime Steals Over 80% Of Syria’s Oil Output Per Day

The USA Empire is dying. Dying Empires are dangerous to Mother Nature, humanity and other animals. America should never have become an empire. Empires are never for the benefit of the common man. Empires run on the blood, sweat and tears of the common people. There have only ever been two justified wars in America’s […]