Holy Shit Bleated The Sheep, So This Is Our Own Self Made Hell

The American head uppus assus sheep-
In love and ignorance did bleat-

Of their god called USA-
They sacrificed their lambs to their god each and every day-

Sending them to foreign lands to die-
Based on wars started by the DC whores big lie-

They cared not those they voted for raped little children for fun-
They cared not the DC whores did false flags to slaughter school children with the gun-

They cared not the DC whores stole the homes of the orphan and widow-
They cared not the morals of the people became vulgar perverted and low-

One day the Empire finally died-
One day the sheep had to admit for generations the DC whores had lied-

The sheep starved, crime ran rampant in the devastated land-
Housewives prostituted themselves for chump change in their hand-

The sheep died by the tens of thousands from the killer jab-
Cooked up in a Usury banker’s Ratschild lab-

The sheep cried out to a rejected God to save them from the shit hole they had themselves made-
God told them I know you not, with thine own self get laid-

As their lambs they prostituted, for a crust of bread their lambs they did sell-
Holy shit bleated the sheep, so this is our own self made hell-

The Ole Dog!

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