The Hiroshima Myth

Dead at Hiroshima awaiting burial.
Japan offered to surrender, they only wanted to keep their “King” on his throne, symbolically. USA said no, dropped the bombs. Japan surrendered! USA left their King on his throne.

The fact is FDR promised the American people he would keep them out of World War 2 if they reelected him for a third term, while he was already planning how he would drag America into the pre-planned European usury international bankers war.

He tried getting Germany to sink a US Navy ship which he had the US navy escorting British shipping in violation of US’s claimed neutrality, but the Germans were too smart to fall into his trap.

So the Usury Banker’s Bitch FDR set about using ‘economic sanctions”,forcing the Japanese to either attack at Pearl Harbor, a Polynesian Kingdom the USA was illegally occupying by military force, or just Surender to FDR’s withered ass without firing a shot.

Once in the war, war was declared on Germany which did not want war with America.

FDR and then Truman made sure the war in Europe lasted as long as possible by their “unconditional surrender” policy, and by stopping American General George S Patton using any and every excuse possible so he would not end the war too soon.

A lot of rich ass holes were making a lot of money off of the war and did not want the bloodbath which put huge sums of money in their pockets stopped.
In addition it was preplanned to allow Communist Russia to take all of Eastern Europe and half of Germany to set up the preplanned “Cold War”, so the same rich ass holes could make a lot more money from the pre-planned Korean and Viet Nam wars which would not have happened if the USA had not stopped Patton from ending the war in Europe too soon.

In the end USA murdered Patton because he was going to tell the American people of the treason of USA/Washington DC against the American people.

In the Japanese war, USA/DC knew Japan was ready to surrender but did not allow that surrender until the new Atomic bombs could be tested on the Japanese people, making an example by which USA/DC hoped to blackmail the rest of the world into becoming one huge USA colony which had to do everything Washington told them to.

Of course those trying to set up world blackmail with the threat of USA being the only one to have this weapon did not realize OSS and many USA politicians were feeding Atomic secrets to Russia all the time, so Russia had the bomb shortly, putting an end to Washington’s wet dream of world wide blackmail with the threat of the bomb.

Although the use of the Atomic bombs on Japan were unnecessary and war crimes, more Japanese were killed in USA fire bombing Japanese cities filled with civilians before the Atomic Bombs were dropped than with the Atomic bombs.

In Dresden Germany, a non military target city filled with war refugees in late 1945, England fire bombed the city for pure terrorism purposes.
The women, children and old unarmed men who escaped the flames were machine-gunned by USA fighter pilots who knew they were mass murdering unarmed civilians.

The estaminet of the dead runs as high as one million people murdered in one night.
No one will ever have an accurate count.

Bodies of murdered by USA and the Ratschild’s Great Britain, civilians in Dresden

Not trying to white wash the Germans or Japanese.
There were evil people on all sides, including the USA who did despicable war crimes and wholesale slaughter of humanity.

After the war was over the No Combat Coward Eisenhower ran death camps in Germany where around 1.5 Million germans were starved to death, or died of exposure to the winter weather without any shelter or bathrooms in open fields surrounded by barbed wire.

Official US “history” is a cobbled together white wash of lies used to indoctrinate the Americans sheep so they are unaware of the massive war crimes of the USA/DC and treason against the American people.

The Ole Dog!

The Hiroshima Myth

Every year during the first two weeks of August the mass news media and many politicians at the national level trot out the “patriotic” political myth that the dropping of the two atomic bombs on Japan in August of 1945 caused them to surrender, and thereby saved the lives of anywhere from five hundred thousand to 1 million American soldiers, who did not have to invade the islands. Opinion polls over the last fifty years show that American citizens overwhelmingly (between 80 and 90 percent) believe this false history which, of course, makes them feel better about killing hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians (mostly women and children) and saving American lives to accomplish the ending of the war.

The best book, in my opinion, to explode this myth is The Decision to Use the Bomb by Gar Alperovitz, because it not only explains the real reasons the bombs were dropped, but also gives a detailed history of how and why the myth was created that this slaughter of innocent civilians was justified, and therefore morally acceptable. The essential problem starts with President Franklin Roosevelt’s policy of unconditional surrender, which was reluctantly adopted by Churchill and Stalin, and which President Truman decided to adopt when he succeeded Roosevelt in April of 1945. Hanson Baldwin was the principal writer for the New York Times who covered World War II and he wrote an important book immediately after the war entitled Great Mistakes of the War. Baldwin concludes that the unconditional surrender policy

was perhaps the biggest political mistake of the war….Unconditional surrender was an open invitation to unconditional resistance; it discouraged opposition to Hitler, probably lengthened the war, cost us lives, and helped to lead to the present aborted peace.

The stark fact is that the Japanese leaders, both military and civilian, including the emperor, were willing to surrender in May of 1945 if the emperor could remain in place and not be subjected to a war crimes trial after the war. This fact became known to President Truman as early as May of 1945. The Japanese monarchy was one of the oldest in all of history, dating back to 660 BC. The Japanese religion added the belief that all the emperors were the direct descendants of the sun goddess, Amaterasu. The reigning Emperor Hirohito was the 124th in the direct line of descent. After the bombs were dropped on August 6 and 9 of 1945, and their surrender soon thereafter, the Japanese were allowed to keep their emperor on the throne and he was not subjected to any war crimes trial. The emperor, Hirohito, came on the throne in 1926 and continued in his position until his death in 1989. Since President Truman, in effect, accepted the conditional surrender offered by the Japanese as early as May of 1945, the question is posed, “Why then were the bombs dropped?”

The author Alperovitz gives us the answer in great detail which can only be summarized here, but he states,

We have noted a series of Japanese peace feelers in Switzerland which OSS Chief William Donovan reported to Truman in May and June [1945]. These suggested, even at this point, that the U.S. demand for unconditional surrender might well be the only serious obstacle to peace. At the center of the explorations, as we also saw, was Allen Dulles, chief of OSS [Office of Strategic Services] operations in Switzerland (and subsequently Director of the CIA). In his 1966 book The Secret Surrender, Dulles recalled that “On July 20, 1945, under instructions from Washington, I went to the Potsdam Conference and reported there to Secretary [of War] Stimson on what I had learned from Tokyo — they desired to surrender if they could retain the Emperor and their constitution as a basis for maintaining discipline and order in Japan after the devastating news of surrender became known to the Japanese people.”

It is documented by Alperovitz that Stimson reported this directly to Truman. Alperovitz further points out in detail the documentary proof that every top presidential civilian and military advisor, with the exception of James Byrnes, along with Prime Minister Churchill and his top British military leadership, urged Truman to revise the unconditional surrender policy so as to allow the Japanese to surrender and keep their emperor. All this advice was given to Truman prior to the Potsdam Proclamation which occurred on July 26, 1945. This proclamation made a final demand upon Japan to surrender unconditionally or suffer drastic consequences.

Another startling fact about the military connection to the dropping of the bomb is the lack of knowledge on the part of General MacArthur about the existence of the bomb and whether it was to be dropped. Alperovitz states,

MacArthur knew nothing about advance planning for the atomic bomb’s use until almost the last minute. Nor was he personally in the chain of command in this connection; the order came straight from Washington. Indeed, the War Department waited until five days before the bombing of Hiroshima even to notify MacArthur — the commanding general of the U.S. Army Forces in the Pacific — of the existence of the atomic bomb.

Alperovitz makes it very clear that the main person Truman was listening to while he ignored all of this civilian and military advice was James Byrnes, the man who virtually controlled Truman at the beginning of his administration. Byrnes was one of the most experienced political figures in Washington, having served for over thirty years in both the House and the Senate. He had also served as a United States Supreme Court Justice, and at the request of President Roosevelt, he resigned that position and accepted the role in the Roosevelt administration of managing the domestic economy. Byrnes went to the Yalta Conference with Roosevelt and then was given the responsibility to get Congress and the American people to accept the agreements made at Yalta.


The Hiroshima Myth

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