Heres a Spoonful of Truth-The USA Empire is Dying-S#it’s Gonna Get Real-Real Soon

A Spoon Full of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down.

Sorry I am out of sugar, try some cold hard facts and truth.

America should have never become an Empire.
Abraham Lincoln

who was a yankee puritan closet homosexual, an atheist who used religious propaganda to get Americans to make war on itself, a communist, (Marxist if you prefer) who mass murdered close to a million Americans, leaving many more crippled for life, killed the Revolutionaries Volunteer Union replacing it with a Soviet styled Communist Military Mandatory Dictatorship thinly disguised as a constitutional republic.

Dead Sotherners murdered by the illegal invading US Military because they were trying to stop the US Military from gang raping their children and pregnant wives to death while burning grandma & grandpa to death in their own homes, while stealing the silverware

After using terrorism against civilians which makes ISIS look like pikers and choir boys to subjugate the South, USA next moved to wiping out the Native Americans to steal their lands.

Mass Grave at Wounded Knee of unarmed Native American women, children and old men mass murdered by the US Military

After the USA finished off the Native Americans they took their Empire building international.

Using false flags and lies the USA made up excuses to attack Spain and steal Spains colonies in and around the Americas to include the Pacific Philippines.

US “freed” the Philippine people from Spain.
But when the natives asked for self rule, USA had to kill the hell out of the ungrateful Philippine natives

After World War Two the USA never removed their occupying troops from Germany or Japan.
Puppet governments were allowed to operate to hide the fact they were now USA colonies.

After the Korean War which the USA instigated by not allowing the Koreas to unite and form their own government, USA has never removed their occupying troops from Korea.

Viet Nam kicked the USA out.

South Viet Nam children running from their village fire bombed with napalm by the USA.
The necked little girl had her cloths burned off and as an adult is still undergoing operations for the burns today

The USA/DC kidnaped (drafted) American men who did not want to go to war, to fight a war “for” a people who wanted neither the war or USA Military in their land.
On this day, the hopelessness of the situation became too much and USA troops mass murdered around 500 unarmed women, children and old unarmed men.

USA overthrew the Iranian government in 1953.
In 1979 the Iranians kicked the USA and the USA’s puppet government out.
USA has been trying to overthrow the Iranian government again, ever since 1979.

Saddam of Iraq who was the CIA/USA’s boy fought an 8 year proxy war against the Iranians in which the USA supplied him with chemical & biological weapons to mass murder Iranian troops with

In 1988 the US navy shot down an Iranian Civilian airliner in Iranian waters and claimed they just made a mistake, they thought it was an Iranian war plane attacking the US navy ship which was in or near Iranian waters trying to provoke a war with Iran

The USA using lies about Israel’s and the USA’s false flag attack on America in 2001,

invaded Iraq

14 year old Iraqi girl raped and murdered along with her whole family by illegally invading US Military personal who said they did not consider them human

which they still occupy, Afghanistan from which they finally retreated, and Syria which USA is still occupying part of while stealing Syria’s oil, food crops and training terrorist to murder Syrian Government troops.

USA destroyed the most civilized and highest standard of living country in Africa, Libya because they were going to start using gold coins as currency bypassing using USA Fiat, backed by absolutely nothing of intrinsic value inflating currency as their trade “dollar” and they refused to install a thieving Usury Rothschild “central bank”.

Today thanks to USA/DC’s war crimes Libya remains a crime ridden war torn shit hole where humans are actioned off in modern slave markets.


USA is helping the evil of the Saudi’s and Israelis Holocaust the Yemen people in their own land because the Yemen people refuse to be good slaves to a puppet governmnet.

Meanwhile USA has never stopped making war on Americans to subjugate them into compliant slaves to the Empire.

Like the Empire of Rome, when the cost of the military being used to conquer and subjugate countries to steal the wealth to fund the party of the elite rich and privileged of DC falls below the wealth which could be sucked out of the occupied territories with military occupation, and the moral of the military drops to a low level, the empire will fall.

The USA Empire is dying.

When empires die, criminal gangs rape, rob and murder.
The currency becomes worthless.
Businesses die.
People starve to death.
Prostitution of men, women and children becomes commonplace.
Ass hole politicians start local wars trying to hammer out their own smaller local empires.

In other words it is a huge shit sandwich and everyone has to take a bite.

I don’t know any sugar which will make this reality more palatable.

Perhaps Americans should all take turns shitting on Lincoln’s bones.
Then convene Common Law Courts to deal with the crimes of the treasonous political whores who are still alive who helped to cause the huge shit sandwich on America’s plate.

The Ole Dog!

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