Sorry Sheep, Your “World” is an Illusion

Those things which go bump in the night are very-very real.
All those “myths” you roll your sheep eyes at are real.

I admit the pig fornicating sheep monkeys do not understand them and in trying to tell that which their tiny little minds can not grasp they have adulterated them in the telling.
But they are very real.

They told you there is one life only, then you burn forever in “hell” or go to a place where you get everything you want, forever.
But it is a lie.

You sheep monkeys are lucky really.
All you have to do is munch the grass, take it up the ass, keep your heads down, muddle through, find some sex, a bit of pleasure here and there and keep telling yourself he who dies with the most toys, money, fame, prestige, the biggest house, marry the women with the best teats, the man with the most money, you have “won”.

Then you die, your memory is wiped, you are born again to another sheep body, you do the whole damn thing again.

Then there are those of us who understand the battle through time.
We grow tired of baby sitting sheep who keep shitting on our feet.
The constant incessant bleating of the mindless ball less sheep feels like broken glass in our brains, like a red hot poker up our asses, like a putrid drink which we must drink again and again.

Life after life, the same beings square off to battle, the dark side against the light, good against evil, the Forces of God against the forces of the demonic.

Lucifer tried to help your asses, and paid a terrible price.
He thought you had it in you to grow spiritually and become higher beings of light.
Except for the odd human which has stayed the course, most of you are still sheep.

Witches, wizards, sorcerers, dragons, giants, shape shifters, those who hurl lightning bolts are very real.

Dogs can see good or evil in beings.
Cats can see spirits, poltergeist, the wandering dead.
And sheep can see nothing.
Not even the butcher’s knife circling your throats.

This world is a school.
Each class has a start date and an end date.
Eras come and go.
At the end of each era, there are demotions, retention’s for repeating the class, and promotions of those who learned the lessons and are ready for the next higher level.

And the sheep see nothing.
The sheep bleat in fear of everything.
The sheep “obey” “authority” and march straight through the slaughterhouse doors.

Lucfier is the devil for those beings, non human, who serve the dark side.
He is God’s junk yard dog, God’s bounty hunter.
The souls of the evil ones belongs to him.
It is his job to gather them, to bend them to the will of God.

Sheep souls are beneath his pay grade.
They are just so much sheep shit he must step in to get to those who do matter.

You sheep need not flatter yourselves thinking the devil is coming for you.
You are not worthy of his interest, you are beneath him.

I recall fondly it was said of the Plantagenets to explain the explosive tempers, and Richard the Lion would brag, “From the devil we came and to the devil we shall return”.
Course Richard was not a sheep monkey so he knew what that meant.

You are just primitive souls who condemn your own selves to repetitive shit status by your undeserved egos and grandiose opinions of yourselves.

All the myths, all the ancient writings are not about you.
You are like movie extras or Walmart people.
Not of any importance, just background noise and movement.

All around you the battle rages, has for millions of years, and your thoughts are concerned with getting to the other side of the fence where the grass looks greener.
And shitting your wool in fear of those many things which your tiny brains can not comprehend.

You just stained your wool with number one and number two.
Right on cue!

God, I pity you!

The Ole Dog!

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