Hands Biden Claims He Handled “Covid” Better Than Trump Because Of KILLER JABS

It’s not like they have not been talking about killing your asses for generations.

I did not know there were little girls named Covid that Hands Biden was jabbing?

Trumpster claims HE deserves the credit for all the Americans murdered with the Killer Jabs.

Seems both of them should be put on trial for mass murder via loaded syringes in a Nuremberg Common Law Tribunal, and let em fight it out there who is the biggest mass murderer.

The Ole Dog!

Biden on Wednesday said that his Covid symptoms were “mild,” and that recovery was “quick and I’m feeling great.”

“BA-5 means many of us are still going to get COVID if we take the precautions,” he continued, during a brief speech in the Rose Garden.

Biden then promoted Pfizer’s Paxlovid as a “life-saving drug,” adding “If you need it, Paxlovid is at the ready.”

Then, Biden suggested that handled Covid better than former President Trump, who “had to be helicoptered to Walter Reed Medical Center,” because vaccines weren’t available then.

Nevermind the fact that Trump also caught a far more aggressive strain than Omicron. Follow the science much?


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