Anyone, Everyone Who Pushed Killer Jabs, Lied About Their “Safety”, Censored the Truth Of Them Being Kill Shots, Lied About “COVID-19” Scamdemic, MUST BE HANGED!!!

After Fair Nuremberg Common Law Tribunals of course. For Mass Murder via Loaded Syringe while violating the Nuremberg Code against Experimenting on humans without their permission given freely without Coercion AFTER being FULLY INFORMED of all the DANGERS of being a LAB RAT in Said ILLEGAL, IMMORAL NUREMBERG CODE VIOLATING HUMAN EXPERIMENTS. Little old lady […]

Donald Trump Says If You Elect Him Again, He Will Drain The Swamp Instead of Filling It Up More And Importing More Alligators This Time, Oh Yes, and An Underage Kid in Every Pedo’s Christmas Stocking

No he is not lying this time. He was lying last time. This time you can believe him! Really!! Stop laughing damn it!!! “The former president, if elected again, would move in with a plan being drawn up now to ‘drain the swamp’ Seems I have herd that somewhere before??? I believe it was the […]