There Has NEVER Been A Civil War in America’s History, Half of Brain Dead Americans expect a second U.S. civil war within YEARS

The definition of a civil war is when two or more factions try to take control of the same seat of government.
This does not apply to the war criminal illegal invasion of the Confederacy by USA troops which gang raped little children, pregnant women to death, gang raped minister’s daughters after burning churches because their father’s prayed for their country and leaders as the Bible instructs christians to do, stole everything they could pray loose including digging the dead up to rob, burning crops, shooting livestock to intentionally starve tens of thousands of innocent children to death, burned court houses, universities, hospitals, convents, seminaries farm houses, out houses, grandmas and grandpa’s homes with them still in them, burned whole cites filled with non combatant women, children and old men, instituted an illegal blockade to further starve tens of thousands of civilians to death while stopping much needed medicines from getting to children dying of starvation due to the evil Marxist Witch burning Cromwellian yankee troops.

The Southern people were being financially raped with excessive taxes to fund a party in yankee states which were installing Marxism in Washington DC

So the Southern States Legally seceded from the same volunteer union they had voluntarily joined, each state set up it’s own government, with a central confederation government in Richmond.

They NEVER tried to take control of Washington DC from the Marxist little child and pregnant women gang raping till death thieving witch burning Cromwellian Marxist yankees.

Therefore the illegal invasion and Holocaust of the Southern people 1861-1865 by the God-less evil heathen USA war criminals

was not a civil war but an illegal, immoral war crime invasion of a foreign sovereign government and people for financial gain and political power paid for by the spilled innocent blood of civilians and children the vulgar USA made war on.

The States or Countries of the Southern confederation have been illegally occupied by a war criminal USA for 158 years, none of the former Confederate counties have had the USA’s occupying military removed, and not one of these countries or states in you prefer, has ever in that time been allowed to operate their own governments or to raise their own military.

If the Southern former Confederacy countries waged war on USA/DC, it would be a justified occupied people’s God Blessed Holy war to expel God-less occupying evil degenerates from their counties.

If the yankee states waged war on USA/Dc it could be classified a civil war.
But it would be the FIRST civil war in American history, not the second.

But then Americans being that brain dead as to think there has already been an American civil war don’t really surprise me.
I watched a video the other day of a man offering Americans on the street a choice of a free chocolate bar or a free 10 ounce silver bar and everyone of them was taking the candy bar.

God can not send me to hell.
I was already sent to hell.
It is called America today.
I am forced to walk among stupid sheeple.

The Ole Texican Dog!

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