Pedo pope of Anti-God Roman Slave Religion Cult Which Has Been Mass Murdering Humans, Stealing from the Poor, Buggering Little Boys & Burning People Alive to Death For Differing With the “church’s” Beliefs For Damn Near 2 Thousand Years IS “Concerned about Human Rights, Freedom of Worship & Morality”

VATICAN WARNING: GERMANY’S ‘SYNODAL WAY’ POSES ‘THREAT TO THE UNITY OF THE CHURCH’ Vatican City, Jul 21, 2022 / 07:25 am The Vatican has issued another warning of a new schism from Germany coming out of the “Synodal Way.” “The ‘Synodal Way’ in Germany does not have the power to compel bishops and the faithful […]

There Has NEVER Been A Civil War in America’s History, Half of Brain Dead Americans expect a second U.S. civil war within YEARS

The definition of a civil war is when two or more factions try to take control of the same seat of government. This does not apply to the war criminal illegal invasion of the Confederacy by USA troops which gang raped little children, pregnant women to death, gang raped minister’s daughters after burning churches because […]