COVID Antigen Test Results Are Scientifically Invalid. Confirmed by the Pharmaceutical “Intended Use” Advisory

Notice the following under “INTENDED USE”: “Positive results indicate the presence of viral antigens, but clinical correlation with patient history and other diagnostic information is necessary to determine infection status. Positive results do not rule out bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses. The agent detected may not be the definite cause of disease.” SOURCE: […]

Bastard Spawn of Lady Di, Big Pie Hole Harry Runs Huge Pie Hole About American Affairs Which Are None of His Ball-less Pussy Whipped Business

Big Pie hole Harry, the double Fake “prince” seen above with his commoner sperm donor daddy who Di had a sexual fling with as her husband the Fake “prince” No Chin Charlie was too busy hanging with his bestist buttie Serial Child Raper and Dead people having sex with BBC “presenter” Jimmy Savile who furnished […]

Killer Jabbed Sheep Doctor “Dies Suddenly”

Killer Jabbed Dr. Paul Hannam dropped dead suddenly yesterday. Dr. Hannam was NYGH’s Chief of Emergency Medicine & Program Medical Director. He was a highly respected and trusted colleague, devoted to patients and community. Canadian Emergency Medicine stated they are in mourning tonight. Paul Hannam, Olympic sailor, marathon runner, family man, ED director ⁦at NYGH, […]