“Mystery” of Killer Jabbed Sheep Dying Suddenly

“Mystery” of Killer Jabbed sheep dying suddenly “without cause”-
Puzzles the “health” “experts” being bribed by Big Pharma breaking all laws-

The bribed and blackmailed taking heads of Main Stream media with straight face-
Report multitudes of Killer Jabbed sheep dropping dead in case after case-

The political whores blackmailed with Jeffery Mossad Child Rape videos say-
It is the heat, climate change, breathing too much, or hiking in the sun’s ray-

If logic were used and real science given a chance to find-
The reason of massive sudden deaths addressed with an open mind-

The common thread would be proved killer jabs killing folks as they were intended to do-
Instead there are blackmailed and bribed evil sons of bitches and slimy cunts who-

Ignore facts, hide truths, stick their heads up their asses ignoring killer jabs history-
Grasping the blood stained paper currency in unison scream IT IS A MYSTERY!

The Ole Dog!

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