Washington DC Pedophile Politicians Killer Jabbing Troops & Emptying Strategic Oil Reserves To Bring America to Her Knees

“Millions of barrels released to lower domestic fuel prices were exported in June, according to media reports”

“Five million barrels were shipped to Europe and Asia in June, according to Reuters data and sources, to destinations in Italy, France, the Netherlands, India and China. Similar shipments were also reported in April and May.”

“On March 31, President Joe Biden authorized the release of 1 million barrels of crude per day for the next six months from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve”


The Blackmailed and bribed whores of Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac are Killer Jabbing the troops so they can not fight.

Shipping troops out of the country.

Shipping American weapons of defense to the make do war in Ukraine.

And trying to empty the strategic oil reserve so America will not have any oil or fuel to resist a foreign takeover.

Treason is a hanging offense.

The Ole Dog!

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