Washington DC (Both wings of the same pedophiillic bird) Trying To Make Sure American’s Have No Military Able To Oppose A Foreign or UN Take Over

Hands all over little girls Biden may or may not be as senile as they make him appear,

but it matters not as the last American who tried to be in Charge as president had his head blown off in public in Dallas occupied Republic of Texas in 1963.

Each and every “president” thereafter has been a hand puppet

As they knew Papa CIA BadBush still had the rifle and some of the box of ammo left he used in Dallas that day.
The day he never could quite remember where he was on the day when he helped murder JFK.

The child raping bribe takers in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac are not as stupid as they try to make themselves appear.
At least not all of them.

They know Killer Jabbed troops can not fight a war.
They know sending all the US’s weapons and munitions to a make do war in Ukraine which is of no benefit one way or the other to America is making sure there are not enough weapons and supplies to fight against a foreign takeover.

Sending more and more troops overseas to counties God did not die and make America responsible for is making sure what killer jabbed troops are available, are not available for a defense of America.

We are talking treason here!

The Ole Dog!

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