Uvalde Police Officer Who Had Clear Shot to Take Out Ramos Before He Entered Robb Elementary School Asked Supervisor For Permission to Shoot but Got No Answer

My great great type grandfather Gaius Julius Caesar did not ask permission to cross the Rubicon with his legions. My cousin George Washington did not ask the British’s permission tho kick the British out of the country. The only military citation which hangs on my wall is one I was given for breaking all the […]

Washington DC (Both wings of the same pedophiillic bird) Trying To Make Sure American’s Have No Military Able To Oppose A Foreign or UN Take Over

Hands all over little girls Biden may or may not be as senile as they make him appear, but it matters not as the last American who tried to be in Charge as president had his head blown off in public in Dallas occupied Republic of Texas in 1963. Each and every “president” thereafter has […]