Biden Holds Post-NATO Press Conference

Hands all over little girls Biden is so senile he can not remember which little girls in a crowd he has felt up already.

Do you REALLY think they allow this drooling old pedoist fool’s hands anywhere near the nuclear football?

His handlers come in and he is punching numbers into the Nuclear Foot ball.


Biden, playing a video game, it’s cool, I have already nuked Russia and China, or was it England and Germany, or maybe Mexico and India.

Now I am going to nuke Russian and China, unless I have not already done that.

This is a cool Video game!

‘Attorney General Ken Paxton says he will defend Texas sodomy law if Supreme Court revisits Lawrence vs. Texas’

If Paxton is serious about going after sodomites , the Biden’s best steer clear of the Occupied Republic of Texas.

My cousin George Washington and my 3ed and 4th great grandfathers

who were his winter soldiers is just so DAMN proud of what you Godless “witch” burning

Cromwillian yankee gentuza have done with the country!

The Ole Republic of Texas Dog!

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