“Dr” Naomi Wolf Is A Damned Fool or a Treasonous Ass Hole

First, no court on this rock should be called a “Supreme Court”.
That court belongs to God and does not exist on this rock.

Second, when the collaborators behind closed doors and in secret were overthrowing the constitution of the united States, the Articles of Confederation, a High Court was not included in the document as Americans back them were hell of a lot smarter than today and if it had been included chances are the Current “constitution” would never had been ratified.

Third, the High Court of the USA Corporation has long been a rubber stamp to try to legitimize the war crimes and crimes against Americans of the USA Corporation.

Forth, America, nether the united States under the Articles of Confederation which was the closest to being a democracy, but was not a true democracy, the United States under the replacement constitution which Ben Franklin said was a Republic, or the current UNITED STATES CORPORATION

the Marxist (communist) Mandatory Military Dictatorship thinly disguised as a constitutional republic have ever been, nor now is a democracy.

So when you hear some of these 30 shekel whores moaning about the dangers to “our democracy”, you can bet your ass and the kids college fund they are either a damned fool or a treasonous to America/Americas ass hole.

“Before I do, though, I warn that the Roe decision is being used as a pretext for a campaign to delegitimize the Supreme Court. This anti-SCOTUS campaign fits in as part of the larger war on our democratic institutions, about which I have been writing in The Bodies of Others, and elsewhere.”


If either the “constitution” or the “supreme court” had meant a damn thing, Lincoln’s terrorist troops

American Terrorists: Lincoln’s Armies In The South

No one ever loved his country more than the Southerner who loved his short-lived Confederacy. The enormities the people of the South suffered for their experiment in liberty would be unbelievable except for the treasure trove of first-hand accounts they left us. From the long buried archives of Southern history, Mr. Grissom has unearthed letters, diaries, newspaper accounts of the 1860s, and personal recollections of those who survived the brutality of Lincoln’s armies as they burned, looted, tortured, molested, and murdered their way across Dixie. Here, in their own words, men, women, and children describe the violence. Some of these eyewitness accounts have never before been published, while others have not been in print for almost 140 years. Forty-six photographs from the era, some having never been published until now, illustrate the text of this historical collection of first-hand accounts. The modern reader may be surprised to find that terrorism was not invented by ISIS.”

invading the South would not have been allowed to line up whole regiments and gang rape children, pregnant women to death.

The illegal invasion would never have happened as the constitution did not give the USA authority to stop states which had voluntarily joined the union from voluntarily leaving the union which they saw morphing into a marxist shit hole.

All you sheep trying “to save the constitution”, the Articles of Confederation under which Americans were more free than anytime since were overthrown in 1788.

Your a bit late to save it.

The Ole Dog!

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