Attorney General Ken Paxton says he will defend Texas sodomy law if Supreme Court revisits Lawrence vs. Texas

Hey Paxton.
It has always been against the law to rape a child up the ass!

Jesus the Christ said to EXECUTE a baby raper.

When is the last time the sub corporation ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ of the USA corporation run by baby rapers executed a baby raper for raping a child up the ass?

Public sex of any kind is against the law.
No one is questioning that law.

Being a straight male I always wondered why any man would want to have anal sex with a good looking woman when there was an orifice just a couple inches away which works much better for sex.

Homosexual males, well as long as they are not doing it in public or trying to teach children it is a normal lifestyle, I figure your determination to prosecute sodomy can best be shown by getting busy arresting and hanging the multitude of pedophiles raping Texican Children.

Anything else makes me suspect you are trying to do your part of keeping American’s attention diverted to political side shows with no real importance while Uncle Sugar sticks his big red, white and blue dick to the hilt up the asses of Americans.

The Ole Dog!

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