The Dogs of War

The lightning bolt streaks in majestic power across the sky- Striking it’s target the thunder rolls and booms by and by- The dog and I both jump with hearts beating dire- Momentarily until the realization this is nether cannon nor artillery fire- Or the huge stones from catapults as the screaming men escalade the wall- […]

Elmo Dies Of Myocarditis After Receiving COVID Vaccine

SESAME STREET – Reports have confirmed that beloved Sesame Street resident Elmo died unexpectedly this morning just a few hours after receiving the COVID vaccine. “Elmo not feeling so good,” Elmo reportedly said just moments before collapsing. Officials concluded the cause of death to be “unknown” although medical examiners claim he died of massive heart […]

Tel Aviv & USA/DC Which Did 9-11 False Flag Still Trying To Pedal It was Saudi’s Who Could Not Get A Single Engine Prop Job off A Runway.

But NO!!!!!!!! It was Stone Age Arabs who could not fly a single engine plane took the controls of multi engined air liners and made them do maneuvers experienced retired US Military and air line pilots said they could not have done bacause the planes would have broken up in mid air. Then there was […]