New York Khazarian Jews were the owners of USA flagged slaver ships and made up most of the slave traders in America

New England states plotted to break away. The New England secession movement, led mainly by the Federalists, culminated in the Hartford Convention of 1814 which narrowly voted to remain in the United States.

During war of 1812 Massachusetts & Connecticut refused to send state troops to fight the British . even when they were burning the Capitol.
They in fact threatened to and almost did secede from the union.

Gee, not what they taught you in the government indoctrination centers they miscall “public schools” is it?

I don’t watch much TV but when I go to bed at night I will sometimes turn it on to put me to sleep.

The wife keeps cable or satellite subscription TV so there is that.
I also bought an air antenna and have that on my TV so I can go back and forth.

There is a local channel which specializes in BAD China and “God’s” USA propaganda.
They also do some Bad Russia stuff also.

They cry about China’s communism.

Don’t get me wrong, the CCP is one of the most evil things on this earth presently.
It is just there would be no CCP if the USA had not betrayed their Chinese nationalist allies by helpeing the Communist Chinese forces defeat the Nationalist forces.

“Wild Bill” was a British double agent controlled by Britain which in turn has been controlled by the Rothschilds since the Battle of Waterloo

The communist troops which formed the CCP were armed and trained by the USA when the Nationalist Chinese were supposed be USA’s “friends” and allies.
With “friends” like the USA, who needs enemies.

When American General George S Patton tried to stop the preplanned Cold War and threatened to tell the Americans people of the treason of the USA/Washington DC against Americans and America the USA murdered Patton.

If the USA had not purposely taken Patton’s supplies away in 1944 to slow him down, the war in Europe would have been over by no later than September 1944, there would have been no Battle of the Bulge in which more Americans were killed than any other Battle in Europe to include even D Day.

There would have been no Cold War, no Korean War with Americans dying, no Viet Nam war with Americans dying.

The allowing communism to take over much of the world was planned by the USA.
The USA made sure communism took over much of the world.
The USA made sure Americans would die in preplanned wars for the next 77 yers and counting.

The treason against the American people and America by the USA/DC continues to this very day.

The Ole Dog!

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