I agree with a lot of things Max says.
Not 100%, but a good bit of it.

I like him welcome the gay community fighting the child groomers.
Each of us on this earth is working on our own problems, our own lessons.
Or should be.
Each of us will answer personally for our failures, evil done.

I have had gay friends, male and female.
Just because someone is gay does not mean they want to have sex with kids anymore than a straight man wants to have sex with little girls.

A pedophile is a pedophile.
There are stright men who like to rape little girls.
They are not gay, they are straight, but they are evil.

Concerning the Jew thing.
Jew is a religion, not a race or sub race.
The ethnicity of today’s Jews are red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarians from the Steppes of Russia and Ukraine.

I have friends who are Khazarian, but they are not Jews.
I don’t trust any Jews because they have been brainwashed from birth by the cult.
The Jews as a group are evil.
They are made that way to be used by a greater evil.

The top of the Masonic lodges are evil people.
But I have had friends who were masons who were not evil.
Many of the men on the bottom levels are good men who do not understand the evil which uses them for their own purpose.

When I point out the evil of the Rothschilds, I am under no illusion they are the top of the food chain of evil.
They are the top of the food chain of evil you are allowed to see.

I expose them because I understand if a link in a chain is broken, that chain looses it’s ability to move things, to bind beings in slavery until that one link is replaced, and that takes time.
Taking out the Rothschilds would not end the evil, only buy humanity some time to awaken further, to learn more, to be in a better place to fight back against the evil.

It is much simpler if one can believe one organization or group is the evil and if that one organization or group is taken out evil will be defeated and the birds will sing, the sun will shine, humanity will all join hands and sing Cum By Yah in unity forever and ever more.

Thats not reality.

A military man realizes sometimes he does not have the forces to take out the main army of an enemy.
But he can nibble at the edges, take out supply chains, ambush stragglers, take out individual soldiers in personal attacks until the whole organization collapses from lack of supplies and fear instilled in the individual soldier the generals can not protect the individual from death in the darkness.

A small force trying to take on a much larger force head on will will most likely be destroyed.
Plus if one sees only one group as the enemy and concentrates only on them, then the leaders of the small force does not watch their backs and sides and can be wiped out by forces they did not keep tabs on and did not guard against.

Max is right it is not just one of these groups which is the enemy.
Most all man made organizations at this point have been compromised by the evil.
To control an organization or a force one does not have to compromise every man or women in that group or force, just the leadership.
Bribe or blackmail the leaders, the evil controls the whole force or group.

In any military or organizations, the lower ranks do not have a clear picture of the true goals or the plans to bring about the goals.
They trust their leaders to give them the orders they need.
If the leaders are compromised, they will give orders which make sure the group or force is fighting for their own self destruction and slavery.

You must look beyond the picture you are given of the world because the world is much more complicated than you are taught it is.

The Ole Dog!


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