The USA Stars & Stripes Hate Flag Must Be Banned From All Public Places And the Display of It Made a Criminal Felony Offense

A symbol of Hate and Racism Flown By Racist organization

The USA Flag must be banned from display, taken down from all public lands and buildings, the flying of it made a felony criminal offense with a mandatory minimum of a one year prison sentence.

There is no excuse for allowing such a symbol of racist hate to be displayed publicly.

I don’t care if the the organization is funded by the USA through the FBI’s slush fund, such symbols of disunity and hate should be banned!

In fact all yankees should be sent to re-education camps.

My Viet Nam vet brother from Texas told me how when he was in Viet Nam yankee soldiers taught him many derogatory terms for African Americans he had never heard before.

It was New York Khazarian Jews who were the slave traders and Slave Ship owners who traded rum for captives in Africa, transported them under USA flagged ships to America, sold humans into chattel slavery for gold.

It was the closet homosexual atheist yankee Lincoln who told African Americans to their face at the White House they were sub humans who should not be allowed to vote, marry a white, live where whites lived as sub human African Americans were a hardship and an evil on the white race when the two had to live together.

It was when Rev. Martin Luther Kings said he was going to yankeeland to put an end to African Americans being robbed and forced into blood sucking yankee slum lord ghettos when USA government murdered him.

I mean you were aware the King Family took the USA federal government to civil court for the wrongful death of MLK and won weren’t you?

‘Did You Know? US Gov’t Found Guilty In Conspiracy To Assassinate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’

Government Found Guilty In Conspiracy To Assassinate MLK

Perhaps the answer to what ails America is to gather all yankees and ship them out of America like the homosexual atheist rabidly racist lying mass murdering yankee war criminal Lincoln wanted to do to African Americans.

But first things first.
Ban that USA stars and stripes flag, the symbol of generations of hate, mass murder and racism!

The Ole Dog!

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