To me it looks like a FBI False Flag Operation.

Where did the teenager get 9 to 10 thousand dollars for all that gear?
A part time job at a Wendy’s drive through window?
Bull Shit!

The door the State and City said was propped open to get inside the school was not.
It should have been locked.
It was not.
The shooter knew which door to go to to get in.
Cop had a clear shot on the outside, did not take it.
Funeral worker got weapon, started in to stop shooter.
Cop stopped him, then the cop did noting.
The “locked” door which gave the shooter and hour and a quarter to kill kids was not “locked”.
Any parent which tried to rescue their own kids were handcuffed, pepper sprayed and harassed by cops.
While the cops did noting.

Took an off duty Border patrol agent who had a wife and daughter in there with his barber’s shotgun to put an end to the killing.

It smells like to me the FBI has dirt on the Chief of the school police and they used him to get kids killed for gun control.

I was a GI used in an illegal experiment with an untested experimental vaccine.
Tens of thousands of GIs died.
Tens of thousands disabled.
The government lied their asses off about it.

I had Navy doctors, VA doctors, Naval officers, Congressmen, senators look me in the eye and lie to me, knowing they were lying, knowing I knew they were lying.
US “government” till this day still lying about it.

Had one congressman who was at the time the congressional representative to the VA tell me the truth.
I told him with my wife standing there the “Gulf War Illness” was an illegal experimental vaccine.

He stopped me mid sentence and said.
Saddam did not f##k you all up, we did!’

I said you know?

“He said everyone in Washington DC knows”.

I asked, then why can we not get help, why do they keep lying about the cause if everyone knows?

He said:
The DOD is lying saying they did not do it, it will take a congressional investigation to prove they did”.

I asked when, before or after we die?

He said:
Oh, maybe next year.”

That was around 2006 0r 2007.
Investigation never happened.
USA government still lying.

Do you think a bunch of evil sons of bitches who would mass murder tens of thousands of their own troops, disabling and shitting on tens of thousands more and lie about it gives a shit about murdering 19 kids in Texas to get the disarming of Americans they are trying to do?

Government, Federal and Texas is trying to paint this as a huge f##k up, a comedy of errors to keep the people from realizing those kids were supposed to die.
And the US and Texas ‘governments” are up to their eyeballs in guilt of it.

The Ole Dog!

“Law enforcement authorities had enough officers on the scene of the Uvalde school massacre to have stopped the gunman three minutes after he entered the building, and they never checked a classroom door to see if it was locked, the Texas public safety chief testified Tuesday, pronouncing the police response an “abject failure.”

Police officers with rifles instead stood and waited for over an hour before they finally stormed the classroom and killed the gunman, putting an end to the May 24 attack that left 19 children and two teachers dead.

The classroom door, it turned out, could not be locked from the inside, yet there is no indication officers tried to open the door while the gunman was inside, Col. Steve McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, testified. Instead, he said, police waited around for a key.”

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