‘We’re the only country in the world” Mass Murdering Children under-5 With KILLER JABS HANDS ALL OVER LITTLE GIRLS BIDEN BOAST as he takes selfies FEELING UP toddlers and boy named Joe

‘We’re the only country in the world doing this right now’: Biden BOASTS about vaccinating under-5s as he takes selfies with toddlers and comforts crying boy named Joe Joe and Jill Biden visited a vaccine clinic in Washington D.C. They saw kids six months to five years old get their shot Biden carried around toddlers […]

US Navy Purposely Antagonizing Iran In Straits of Hormuz (Iran’s Back yard) had brush with Iranian fast attack craft

In 1953, the USA/CIA overthrew Iran’s secular democratic government for the Rothschilds because Iran had put a stop to the Rothschilds stealing Iran’s oil. You ball-less sheep who worship the pedophiles in DC as gods, ya expect the Iranians to love your ass? The Ole Dog! The encounter confirmed by the US 5th Fleet took […]