British Army’s New Top General Talks Fairy Tale S#it to Troops, Prepare to “Fight” & “Defeat Russia”

The last two World wars England would have lost both without the USA getting involved. USA has not had a real general since USA murdered General George Patton for trying to stop the pre-planned Cold War and save America from being over run by Rothschild’s red Russian communism. Today USA troops are killer jabbed and […]

Admitted Liar Pompousass Says USA Murdered In A War Crime Top Iranian General To Protect USA’s Illegal Invasions of Both Iraq & Syria

This is the same CIA which overthrew the secular democratic government of Iran in 1953 for the Rothschilds because the Iranian government stopped the Rothschilds stealing Iran’s oil. The Same CIA which murdered JFK in 1963 because he was going to pull America out of the Viet Nam war, stop Israel from getting illegal nukes, […]

Fluoride Slurping Brain Dead American Sheep, USA Has Never Been, Is Not Now A Democracy

I been hearing American sheep and the perverted pedophile politicians they vote for bleating for years “American democracy is in danger of disappearing. When at the end of the constitutional convention Ben Franklin was asked what they had made, he said “A republic if you can keep it!”. Lincoln was a closet homosexual atheist marxist […]