Florida Governor DeSantis Stands For Freedom of Choice While Guvnor A-Butt Wants To Ban Guns While Mass Murdering Tens of Thousands of Children With Killer Jabs

Guvnor A-Butt wants to steal Texicans weapons of self defense based on a probable FBI False Flag Murdered 19 kids in Uvalde, but he is all for Mass Murdering tens of thousands of children with Killer Jabs. HELLO HOUSTON! WE HAVED ONE HUGE ASSED PROBLEM!! The Ole Texican Dog!

Russia in Syria by Invitation Attacks US-Backed Terrorist In Syria At illegally invading Illegal American Outpost

US military officials have told The Wall Street Journal that Russia forces have carried out multiple military operations against the US-led coalition in Syria this month. This included a Wednesday attack on the al-Tanf garrison along the Iraq border in southeast Syria, though so far it appears the operations have targeted American proxies, namely local […]


In 2014, the USA Corporation: stole 5 Billion dollars from the Americans worker at the point of the IRS’s weapons and the US’s Kangaroo courts and used that stolen loot to hire thugs and mercenaries to violently overthrow the duly elected government of Ukraine. The USA Corporation installed a puppet crime cabal they called a […]

CAN YOU SAY “FBI FALSE FLAG”??? Uvalde cops ‘didn’t even try to open door of massacre classroom for 77 minutes as gunman murdered 19 kids and two teachers inside’ as it’s claimed room may have been UNLOCKED

I am wondering what the FBI has on the school “police Chief”? For someone to allow the mass murder of multiple children as he did and them be made the ass of the event, it must be enough to ruin his life and send him to the federal cross bar Hilton. It is impossible for […]

Buckingham Palace ‘BURIES’ report on PMS Queen’s ‘bullying’: Official inquiry into allegations PUSSY WHIPPED BIG PIE HOLE HARRY’S GOLD DIGGING BIMBO BITCH bullied staff

Buckingham Palace ‘BURIES’ report on Meghan’s ‘bullying’: Official inquiry into allegations the Duchess of Sussex bullied staff before Megxit ‘will never be published’ Buckingham Palace ‘has buried a report’ on claims Meghan Markle bullied staff The Queen paid for an independent inquiry into the claims by a private law firm Yet it will never see […]

CDC director Dr Rochelle Walensky beams as she says she’s approved Mass Murder of babies as young as six months old

CDC director Dr Rochelle Walensky beams as she says she’s approved COVID vaccines for babies as young as six months old – even though just 442 under 4s have been killed by virus since pandemic began The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Friday authorized Moderna Inc’s shot for children aged six months to five […]