Will the Tragic Fate of World Stars like Celine Dion and Justin Bieber Open the Eyes of their Fans? Impacts of The Mythical “Covid-19” Killer Jabs

Celine Dion and Justin Bieber, same tragic destiny after Covid Killer Jabs. Sustained by media disinformation and fake science, the mRNA vaccine was put forth as a solution to curbing the pandemic. Amply documented, the Covid-19 Vaccine has triggered from the outset in December 2020 an upward trend in mortality and morbidity. The evidence is […]

Ghost towns spring up around Yellowstone after freak biblical floods in country where raping children is normalized, Homosexualls and Trannies are glorified washed away homes and destroyed roads

Lets see! God sent a flood and plagues onto humans why? Oh yes, they all started raping children and worshiping evil! Ya would think after a few thousand years the sheep would learn not to piss in God’s face. But nope!! They do the same ole evil s#it, they get hit with the same ole […]

Willy, FAKE “prince” from family of Commoner Bastards but REAL Pedophiles Sticks Commoner Nose into American Affirs Forgetting My Cousin George Washington With Help From My Great-Great Grandfathers Kicked His Commoner Fake “royal” grandpa’s ASS!

Willy the next in line after his pedophile daddy to pretend to be “king” of that tiny little island for Real Pedophiles, but FAKE “royals”, losers. misfits and inbred bimbos, runs his mouth trying to stir up s#it in America Willy wrote letter to Sandra Garza, the partner of officer Brian Sicknick who died on […]

VAERS data show 2,000 percent increase in reports of brain injuries following Mythical “COVID-19” Killer Jabs

Brian Shilhavy of the website Global Research examined data from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) and found a shocking increase in reports of brain damage following the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination. “I found out that there is a 2,000 percent or more increase in brain injuries being reported after COVID-19 shots,” he said. […]

Update by John Looney On Killer Jab Deaths Which Occupation Guvnor A-Butt is Trying To Mass Murder Little Texican Children With

Perhaps A-Butt should stop trying to steal Texican’s loaded weapons from them they use in God Given Self defense, and concentrate on getting rid of Loaded Syringes which are Mass Murdering children. CHILLING UPDATE FROM FUNERAL DIRECTOR JOHN O’LOONEY SOURCE: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/chilling-update-from-funeral-director-john-o-039-looney_1rMC2BN1V3fIplB.html

If Republic of Texas Occupation Guvnor Greg A-Butt Is In Favor Of Mass Murdering Thousands of Children With Killer Jabs, Why Would He Not Be In Favor Of FBI False Flag Killing 19 Kids In Uvalde To Get More Gun Control?

Occupation of the Occupied Republic of Texas Guvnor A-Butt is not stupid. Not saying he is the sharpest knife in the drawer, but if he was stupid enough not to know 9-11 was a False Flag done by Israel with help from USA/DC, he could not have lied and finagled his way in occupation guvnorship […]