As I Walk Through The Valley Of The Sheep I Hear Fearful Frantic Bleating-

As I walk through the valley of the sheep I hear fearful frantic bleating-
I pray to God my sentence to this sheep infested rock will be fleeting-

Oh to be surrounded by intelligent beings of a higher level-
Those who can carry on a coherent conversation without fearing the devil-

With eyes which can see beyond the obvious physical sheep plain-
This constant bleating and stepping in sheep poop is a real pain-

I yearn for fellowship with beings of Light who have advanced beyond the fear of the boogie man-
Beings with intelligence, individual thoughts, a set of balls and a bit of sand-

Ok God, at long last after ages herding sheep I ring the bell-
I was wrong, you were right, please get me out of this eternal sheep hell!

The Ole Dog!

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