Movie Extras and Sheep People

This world is a school. As in a movie, you will have the movers and shakers, and you will have the bit players, the movie extras who really don’t matter but have to be there to make the background look right. As payment the bit players get a chance for spiritual advancement. Most will not […]

‘Very scary’: Hailey Bieber breaks silence over Justin Bieber’s face paralysis as he battles Killer Jab Disorder and reflects on how her own Killer Jab mini stroke in March ‘brought them closer’

Hailey appeared on Good Morning America on Wednesday She revealed husband Justin is doing well following his health battle Justin, 28, is recovering from Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a condition that left one side of his face temporarily paralyzed Hailey, 25, suffered a mini stroke in March leaving her needing surgery She revealed that the two […]

Congressman Sean Casten Pulls Campaign Ad Featuring His Killer Jabbed daughter Gwen, 17, who was found dead at home

Congressman Sean Casten’s daughter Gwen, 17, who was found dead at home is seen in campaign ad for her father as her high school empowerment club pays tribute to the teenager Illinois Congressman Sean Casten’s daughter, Gwen, appeared in a campaign ad for her father just weeks before she was found dead at their family […]

Never Forget, The US Gov’t Slaughtered Dozens in a Church Over an Alleged “Illegal” Gun Part

In 1993, the ATF good ole boys were sexually harassing female agents, demanding sexual favors for promotions, paying female agents less. Sixty Minuets did an hour long investigative report on the shenanigans. The ATF looked like shit and appropriations time was coming up in congress. What to do???? What they did was trump up bull […]

When Do We Start Hanging Politicians For Mass Murder?- New Study Concludes Lockdowns Caused At Least 170,000 Excess Deaths In US

Common Law Courts have the jurisdiction try try and hang mass murdering ass holes who harm humans. Let’s not even go into the mass murder done by politicians forcing killer jabs on Americans for the moment. Here is proof Politicians mass murdered at least 170,000 Americans. Every politician who forced non scientific communistic penal code […]