Tiny Island for Pedophiles, Pretend “royals”, losers and Misfits FAKE “prince” Andy wants “royal” status back

The disgraced Duke of York has asked the Fake queenie for his titles back Britain’s Prince Andrew has begged his mother, Queen Elizabeth, to allow him to return to royal life and is seeking to reclaim some of the titles and duties stripped from him after revelations about his alleged involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein […]

WE BACK THE BLUE GROUPIE’S Officer Arrested for Raping His Daughter to Prove She Was Not Gay, Before Murdering Her And Her Mom

Anchorage, AK — As TFTP reported in 2019, in one town in Alaska, the “bad apple” excuse goes completely out the window as every single cop on the force at one time, had been convicted of domestic violence. One of the cops was even a registered sex offender. According to the report, Nimeron Mike was […]

Until Govt Recovers Every Weapon We Left in Afghanistan & Gave to Ukraine, Stop With Talk of ‘Gun Control’

Advocates of disarming law abiding citizens were celebrating this week after the US House of Representatives passed sweeping gun control measures as a reactionary move to the recent tragic mass shootings in Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York. Remarkably enough, there was very little talk of the shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The bill, which passed […]

Occupation of the Republic of Texas ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ sub corporation of Occupying USA Corporation ” senator” says Uvalde school police chief’s narrative on shooting is ‘directly in contrast’ to DPS reports

Roland Gutierrez said Pete Arredondo’s narrative on the Uvalde mass shooting contradicted DPS reports. Arredondo told reporters he did not know he was the commanding officer during the shooting. However, the Texas DPS said that Arredondo made the call not to confront the gunman. Texas State Senator Roland Gutierrez said that Uvalde’s school Police Chief […]

FBI Warns It Won’t Tolerate “Violence” Unless It is FBI False Flag Instigated Violence, Say Like The Mass Murder Of 19 Children In Uvalde, Amid Supreme Court’s Abortion Ruling

BUT NOW, the FBI is worried about violence! The Ole Dog! The FBI warned Friday that it will not “tolerate violence, destruction, interference with government functions, or trespassing on government property” after an armed man [probably an FBI mind control subject doing a False Flag] was arrested earlier this week near Supreme Court Justice Brett […]

UN rights chief urges The Invasive Non Semitic Fox Which Slaughtered the Indigenous Semitic Chickens To Investigate The Fox For Slaughtering The Chickens

Let us lay aside the debate on which God is who or real for the moment. If “Yahweh” gave Palestine to the Hebrews, it was conditional on them obeying Yawweh’s rules, which they did not. That voids the contract. Now throw in the Non Semitic red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel mass murdering invasive species illegally […]

Healthy young people now dying en masse across Australia, and the corporate media still won’t dare mention vaccines

When evil soul-less minions of evil mass murder humans: When they have clearly without any question whatsoever violated the Laws of the Nuremberg Code: They should be hanged expediently so that they s#it their pants as their neck snaps! After Fair Common Law Trials first of course. Fair Common Law Trials! Fair hangings! From the […]