A Texas Fool Pissing Into A yankee Wind

‘A Texas Fool Pissing Into A yankee Wind’ If one collaborates with Sodom and Gomorrah on the Colorado River- Votes for political whores bent on destroying Texas culture and history forever- Then one is an ignorant sheep committing treason- Or a Texican’s enemy trying to destroy Texas for an evil reason- If to the Austin […]

The Republic of Texas Has Illegally Been Occupied By the USA Corporation and USA’s Sub Corporation ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ for 158 years.

Time Tested Legal Axiom: The Fruit of the Poison tree is Poison”. An illegal invasion, subjugating Texicans with terrorism against unarmed civilians to include USA “soldiers”gang raping little children, their mothers, often pregnant, to death, black and white, then setting up a puppet “government” called ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ does not make the illegality go […]

Mossad Madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s treatment is ‘inhuman’ says brother Ian who was barred from seeing socialite convicted of Pimping Little Children To Be Raped after he made 3,000-mile trip for pre-arranged prison visit

Hey son of an EVIL Mossad agent, What the hell do you think a child getting repeatably raped by perverted pedophiles pimped by your Mossad Madam sister is? How can the USA claim to be “Christian” when most of the politicians in DC and the State houses are baby rapers? Why is the USA pissing […]

When You Are Confronted With a Rabid Animal, You Put It Down & Burn The Carcuss

Syrian air defenses repel Israeli attack on Damascus for second time this week https://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2022/06/10/683642/Syrian-air-defenses-thwart-Israeli-airstrike-targeting-south-of-Damascus-for-second-time-this-week Damascus Airport ‘disabled’ by ‘Israeli’ attack https://www.rt.com/news/556971-damascus-airport-disabled-israel/ When You Are Confronted With a Rabid Animal, You Put It Down & Burn The Carcuss The Ole Dog!