Synopsis Of What Is Known About The FBI’s False Flag Mass Murder of 19 Children, 2 Teachers In Uvalde Texas

J. Edgar Hoover, Closet tranny pedophile, founder and CEO of the FBI for years who used to illegally record Martin Luther King and his wife having sex in their own bedroom, them play it for LBJ (president of USA) in the Oval Officed while both rolled around on the floor laughing!

The alleged shooter was a loner looser who ran his mouth on the internet.
Just the kind of easily manipulated weak minded loner looser the FBI preys on.

I figure this was the FBI as they have a multi year history of finding slower minded individuals, putting “terroristic” acts into their minds, giving them the bombs or weapons to do the terrorist act, then arresting them and crowing to the American people they saved them from “domestic terrorism”.

Except the ones which they do not stop either out of incompetence or because they wanted the terrorist act perpetrated.

The Buffalo New York mass shooter was radicalized on line by a “retired” FBI agent who the shooter told a half hour before the shooting he was going to do it and the “retired” FBI agent did not warn anyone.

Also the FBI seems to do minor terrorist acts while the CIA concentrate on major terrorist act like Murdering JFK in Dallas in 1963 and 9-11 when the CIA worked with Mossad to do the cowardly attack on New York Holocausting 3,000 Americans in one day and the using the act falsely blamed on “Arabs” to wage 20 years of illegal terroristic wars against counties Rothschild’s Israhell wanted taken down.

I am somewhat familiar with the way they try to suck suckers into their web of bull shit and false flags as the CIA tried to recruit me for their rain deer games for about nine years.
Course I am a Royal, a blood line, a war vet, a weapon man, and I understand more about economics, government, military matters, the law than probably anyone in Washington DC having scored in the top 97% of the whole country in those areas when I took my university entrance exam upon graduation from high school.

I was very vocal about the bull shit and crimes USA/DC was up to world wide as well as their crimes against the American people.

I was also one of the GIs used as a lab rat for a non tested experimental anthrax vaccine which murdered tens of thousands of GIs and vets, disabling multiples of that.
They figured I would hate them enough to want some pay back.

In fact the CIA operative trying to recruit me in desperation after years of me no biting used those very words.

“Don’t you want some pay back?”.
But then I was a big fish.

Back to small fish and the FBI.

It is very easy to take a slower minded looser loner like this and manipulate him.

One boy who knew him well said he liked to hurt animals and was a bully who tried to bully other kids and when they stood up to him claimed he was the one being bullied.

It is known he also posted a photo or video of some dead cats in a bag.
So he was evil, slow, a loner looser who ran his mouth on the web, attracted the attention of the FBI who have people in all the chat rooms or sites where such people post radical shit,

He had worked a part time job at a windy’s drive through window.
No way he saved up damn near 10 thousand dollars for all those weapons, mags, rounds and body armor.

So where did the cash come from.
The US tax payer via the FBI most likely.

When he crashed his truck in front of the school, he took some shots at a couple of people across the street at a funeral home.
He missed them.
He was not much of a marksman.

A man from the funeral home saw him get out of his truck with a weapon and head into the school.
The man from the funeral home retrieved his weapon and started into the school after him to stop him before he could kill kids.

A cop stopped him from killing the evil ass hole, would not let the man from the funeral home stop the shooter before the shooter could kill kids.

‘Armed Texan Ran Toward Uvalde Shooter to Stop Him Outside School, Cops Blocked Him and Kids Died’

Armed Texan Ran Toward Uvalde Shooter to Stop Him Outside School, Cops Blocked Him and Kids Died

Then the cop stood around outside with one thumb up his ass jerking off with the other hand for the next hour plus while 19 kids and two teachers were murdered.

In fact a whole gaggle of cops stood around outside doing a circle jerk while handcuffing, pepper straying and threatening force and arrest against any one including parents who tried to rescue children or put a stop to the FBI’s false flag mass murder.

The cops and government sources at first reported the shooter go into the school through a door a teacher had left blocked open with a rock.

This has been proved by the teachers own words with video footage to back it up that it is a damned lie.

A teacher DID earlier prop the door open with a rock to carry food to her car.
Then the truck driven by the shooter crashed.
The teacher ran back inside, grabbed her cell phone, ran back out and called 911.

She saw the shooter get out with a weapon, kicked the rock out of the way and slammed the door shut hard.
It should have locked.
It did not.

This door is one locked with a key so one on the inside can push a bar to exit in an emergency, but someone from the outside can not pull the door open.

There are only two possibilities why it did not lock.

Someone had tampered with the internal mechanism so it would not lock.
Someone used a key to make sure the door would not lock so the shooter could get in.

He did not try any other doors.
He went right to this door.
He knew it would be unlocked.

‘Texas authorities claimed a teacher propped open the back door of Texas school just before the gunman attacked. Now they say the teacher actually closed it before the shooting.’

One mother tried to get Federal Marshalls to go in as she had two kids inside.
Instead the Federal Marshalls handcuffed her.
She saw a Uvalde cop she knew, talked him into getting her turned loose.
She got away from them, climbed a fence and brought out her two kids.
She told media when she was inside getting her kids there were no cops inside and she could hear the shooter shooting kids.

She was on probation for something she had done ten years earlier and after she talked to the media cops called her threatening her with “problems with her probation if she did not shut up”.

She talked to her judge who told her he had her back and don’t worry about the cops and her probation.

‘Uvalde mom handcuffed by ‘coward’ cops for trying to rush inside school and save her kids claims police threatened her with a probation violation for obstruction of justice if she spoke to media’

The media and “government” sources reported a Federal Immigration tactical swat team was sent in the end to put a stop to the killing.

This is another lie.

There was a off duty border patrol agent who HAD had some tactical training sitting in his barber’s chair when his wife, a teacher at the school texted him there was an active shooter at the school and begged him to come save her and their 3ed grade student at the school daughter.

His barber had a couple of kids in the school also so they agreed to meet at the school, the agent met the barber at the school who brought the agent the barber’s privately owned pump 12. gauge shotgun.

Privately owned barber’s shotgun used by off duty border patrol agent to save his wife and daughter as well as other’s children

The barber found four badge toters standing around outside who agreed to back him up.
What agency they belonged to, if they were on or off duty is something which has been kept very quite.

They went in and started moving kids out of the school
The off duty border patrol agent got a message from his wife she had made it to the funeral home across the street, in due time he found his daughter and sent her out.

He and the four other badge toters kept moving kids out room by room until they came to the room the shooter had holed up in and killed him.

So it was not any “federal swat team” sent in by any government agency which saved kids and put an end to the killing, but a loving husband and father and four other men he talked into backing him.

A battalion of badge toters stood outside keeping folks including parents from saving children’s lives for over an hour while they did nothing.

It looks like a FBI false flag done to get more gun control and several people including myself we believe they wanted a higher body count of dead kid is why cops were held back for over an hour giving the shooter as much time to kill as many kids as possible.

It looks like the shooters programing broke down and he holed up in one class room instead of going from class to class and giving the FBI, Washington DC and Austin the shit high dead kid body count they were counting on to be able to force disarmament of Texicans as well as other Americans.


Have you heard the DC & Austin political prostitutes pointing out it was a privately owned firearm the leader of the group which stopped the killing carried in?


Have you heard them pointing out if not for yankee control freak gun control and disarmament rules many of the teachers would have been carrying their own weapons and in all likelihood no kids would have died, just the shooter and if he had of killed a kid or two his ass would have been dead before he could have run up the body count he did?

Hell No!!

Have you heard then calling for firing every cop and every boss of every cop who stood around for over an hour doing a circle jerk while the shooter mass murdered kids for the FBI?

Hell F##KING No!!!

What do you hear?

Gotta take all weapons away from all people who are not government badge holders.
The same ones who stood around playing grab ass and playing with themselves for over an hour while the shooter murdered children in a place “government” made DAMN sure no one had ANY weapons to protect the children the same “government” forced the parents to send to the shooting little children target range to be used for target practice.

The same “government” which used the badge toters to make damn sure the parents could not save their own children the cops refused to save.

This whole thing sticks to High Heaven.

The USA has proved they have no problem slaughtering millions of children all over the world.
You think murdering 19 kids in Uvalde to get to disarm Americans is going to make them loose any sleep?

The Ole Dog!

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