Coup d’Etat in Washington and “The Dollar Paper Tiger, Fiery Dragon in Asia and Pacific

I repost this for the few, the handful out there who might take time to read it.
The fewer still who might understand most of it.

The writer, now deceased made some good points.
But even he with all his studies and knowledge could not see the “big picture”.

He talks of “violating the constitution”.
The constitution is not sacred.
It is a contract drawn up by men long dead.
The dead can not force the terms of a contract on the living who never signed that contract which was made before they were even born.

Thomas Jefferson said a constitution is dead after 19 years as the new generation can not be bound by the contract of the past generation and have a right to decide their own form of governance.

So in essence the constitution was a dead document in 1807.
Even if you want to somehow have kept it on life support beyond that date, in 1861 when the closet homosexual atheist manic depressive puritan yankee Marxist war criminal Lincoln illegally invaded the Confederacy and in 1865 illegally occupied a foreign Nation made up of Nation States which wanted nothing to do with his dictatorial Soviet styled Mandatory held together by the weapons of the US’s military Communist empire, the constitution became meaningless except as window dressing to be used to make and keep Americans slaves to the USA.

The stupid evil child gang raping till death “witch” burning yankees and their yankeeland States also.

I decided years back all of America could not be saved.
The American people turned their backs on God and ran after evil.
Today they vote for, as they have for generations, evil beings who are known by anyone who wants to know as degenerates who regularly rape children, take bribes, are blackmailed into doing treason against their homeland.

This life I am a Texican.
Therefore Texas is my concern.

I am not sure Texas can be saved.
Years back when I agreed to God to do my Duty, I started looking around for some good men to associate with.

I looked around my street and saw none worth the powder to blow them up.
I checked in with the Sons of The American Revolution, found a social club of people looking down their noses at anyone who’s ancestors had not fought in the Revolution, while themselves not having a clue why their ancestors fought in that war.

I associated with for a time the Sons of Confederate Veterans where anyone including a yankee who had enough sense to get the hell out of yankeeland and come South could join.
I liked the more inclusive atmosphere.

I however found gatekeepers had long back been put in place to keep the organization from actually interfering with the planned complete takeover of America, and the world by Rothschild’s wet dream of a world wide communist styled dictatorship run by the Rothschilds.

I checked in with the Masons.
Now for those of you ignorant of reality, I must explain something.

I understand reincarnation.
For those of you rolling your eyes right now saying reincarnation does not exist despite thousands of years of writings and evidence, as my cousin General George Patton told someone who told him reincarnation did not exist.
“Maybe you don’t reincarnate, but I do”.

The Mason doctrine is simply a guide to men to improve their souls and understanding of the universe life after life.
The organization was taken over many generations ago by evil men.
There are still good men on the bottom layers who do not understand the evil at the top.
Just as a private in a war does not understand the big picture as the general does, only dealing with and understanding the immediate reality of his duties and his level of the war.
He does what he is told trusting those above him to do the right thing and to direct him properly.

Anyway I found good men on the bottom and evil sons of bitches on top.

If there is ONE man made organization left on this rock uncompromised by evil and their scheming, I have not found it.

So for the few who might take the time to read the article, there are some good thoughts and information.
That most others do not understand things at the level I do is because you have to crawl before you walk, you have to walk before you run and you have to grow wings before you fly.

I can trace my lives back as far as the history of humanity and beyond.
I was an old soul when humanity first clawed their way out of the primeval slime.
I can not expect new primitive souls to know or understand what I do.
But if you want to survive as a species as other than slaves to evil degenerate ass holes who not only rape your children, but sacrifice them to made up demonic “gods”, you had best get to learning.

And it would not hurt if some of you men grew a set of balls!

The Ole Dog!

We bring to the attention of our readers this essay by the late Professor André Gunder Frank, one of the World’s leading and most distinguished political economists. First published by Global Research in 2004.

From the very outset in 2001, André Gunder Frank was a firm supporter of the Global Research Project. He was a lifelong friend and mentor. He passed away in 2005. His legacy will live.

Frank analyzed the broad relationship between militarisation and the crisis of the US dollar as a World currency, a key relationship which characterizes today’s global crisis.

Published 18 years ago, this incisive essay provides a perspective on the evolving New World Order, its structural weaknesses and contradictions.

Prof André Gunder Frank

This essay consists of the following parts:

Coup d’ État in Washington

Paper Tiger – The United States and the World

Fiery Dragon: China in East Asia

Michel Chossudovsky, May 4, 2018, June 7, 2022


Political Background

Recent events in Iraq that require no further elucidation here make this essay now more timely than when it was written.

For this essay is a combination of two related articles:

First, my earlier paper focusing on the 2000 [Election] Coup d’Etat. This paper related to the illegitimacy of the Bush government and the long standing agenda of the Cheney group which has made another Coup within the Bush Coup.

Secondly, my paper on the paper tiger, concerning the underlying Achilles heels vulnerability of American power that rests only on the paper dollar and the military Pentagon.

Vice President Gore’s major speech damning the policy of the Bush administration and calling the President himself incompetent, as he surely is, nonetheless judiciously avoided any direct mention of the illegitimacy of the president and his administration.

Bush’s presidency was derived from a veritable coup d’ Etat, not in having lost the popular vote, but first in having also lost the vote in the key state of Florida and “won” it through fraud and violence.

And then they violated the fourteenth amendment of due process through the stacked vote in the Supreme Court and its refusal to let anybody abide by due process.

Moreover, not only did Dick Cheney manage the entire transition to and construction of the Bush administration, but as Vice President he has continued to run the President’s show from behind the scenes.

That is so much so that after their joint three hour testimony to the 9/11 commission about their Iraqi malfeasance, the New York Times was moved to editorialize that it made evident that the President is no more than a puppet managed by the Vice-President.

And as we know and the coup part of this essay further documents, the Vice-President himself was captured and molded to its own ends of long standing by a team of the PNAC – Program for the New American Century – maniacal adventurers, led by “Wolfowitz of Arabia.”

This illegitimacy of the President and his administration’s inauguration now takes further significance with the revelations that after having lied to the electorate, they have continued to lie and mislead the American public and the world regarding the State of the Nation and that of the world, as well as with regard to the devastating impacts of their foreign and domestic policies.

The documentation is overwhelming, but not even the tip of the iceberg is yet emerging that the Administration and President Bush himself have consistently lied and covered up about September 11, 2001.

They have lied about security and have deliberately weakened it and have themselves terrorized the American public, not to mention that they have torn the Bill of Rights to shreds and otherwise have violated the Constitution.

By sending the machine gun toting National Guard into every airport in the country, they are every day violating the Posse Comitatus Act that prohibits military participation in domestic civilian affairs that has stood since 1878. They have also violated a more recent law prohibiting the CIA from doing so as well. All this only to scare the public and Congress into accepting their unconstitutional Patriot Acts and other measures from the agenda of a small right minority.

And of course they have perpetrated monstrous lies about their war against Afghanistan and now against Iraq.

Thus, an illegitimate president who promised “gentle conservatism” has instead taken the most radical departure of militarizing American society at home, privatizing the US Military abroad, and antagonizing the rest of the world by his unilateral militarism and anti-environmentalism, not to mention his administration’s befuddled ‘’justification.”

His and his government’s verbal denunciation combined with de facto generation and sponsorship of terrorism is wearing thin and has in a totally irresponsible fashion led them and us into a Catch 22 damned if you do, damned if you don’t debacle.

The one in Iraq demonstrates one of several underlying vulnerabilities of American reliance on the Pentagon.

The Paper Tiger Dollar

As this essay argues, this military Achilles heel also further weakens the other one, which is based on the paper tiger dollar. That has declined in value against the Euro and the Yen since I first wrote about this threat and how it in turn would weaken the Pentagon that must be financed by devalued dollars, especially in its increasing ventures abroad.

At the same time, while the revelations and soul searching about American torture in Iraq – and now we know long since also in Afghanistan and Guantanamo – the US occupation in Iraq is proceeding relentlessly with its major agenda there: OIL and the economy.

The Cheney sponsored oil pipeline through Afghanistan that the Taliban was supposed to implement but was unable to guarantee, thus converting it from friend to enemy, is now in the hands of the new American appointed government in Kabul.

In Iraq, it is yet difficult to tell WHAT the US occupation is doing – nobody even bothers to look beyond the torture any more – about the oil and the economy, other than that they are being privatized and sold off at bargain basement prices to big American companies, with Vice President Cheney’s Haliburton in the lead. He still derives income from it, although his super-hawk friend Richard Perle resigned his high Defense Dept position so that his conflict of interest would ‘’not hurt the President’s re-election chances.’’

Meanwhile President Bush himself defends giving a near monopoly of contracts for ‘’re-building Iraq’’ to US near monopolies on the grounds that ‘’WE’’ put our lives on the line and so are we legitimately entitled to the economic rewards there from.

But more important, with the region’s second largest oil deposits in Iraq , what is the US really doing there on the world oil market and its efforts to control or break OPEC?

One thing is sure, and the oil section of the paper tiger part of this essay speaks to this issue:

Iraqi oil is again being priced in US dollars and no longer in Euros as under Saddam Hussein.

In the meantime also, the dollar has indeed fallen significantly against the Euro and the Yen. This devaluation of the dollar would at least make US industrial and agricultural products more salable on the world market – if they were otherwise competitive. But the industrial ones are not and the agricultural ones thrive only thanks to the huge government subsidy, the same as in Western Europe and Japan.

On the other hand, a devalued dollar makes the US less attractive for the continued inflow of foreign capital from overseas savings on which the US economy and the American standard of living and way of life is so vitally dependent.

All presidential administrations have lied to the American public about the sources of their well being that are allegedly based on American efforts and skills promoted by healthy government domestic and foreign economic policies. But nothing could be further from the truth.

The Clinton boom years of the 1990s – after the 1989-92 recession – were based entirely on the suction and flight of capital first from the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe who were forced into a depression far deeper than that of the 1930s and after the financial crisis of 1997 in Southeast Asia that was deliberately sponsored by Larry Summers, now President of Harvard but then at the World Bank and the US Treasury.

That resulted in declines of income by 40 and 50 percent and the deliberately managed misery and death of millions in East Asia – and the flight of their own and foreign speculative capital to the US safe haven of Treasury certificates (where it permitted a sudden but temporary balanced budget) and into Wall Street. There it fired the bull market that attracted Main Street to invest in Wall Street and made Mr. And Mrs. America feel rich and able to spend – also on $ 100 billion of excess imports of textiles and gadgets from China.

The Chinese in turn also sent the dollars they earned thereby back to Washington to buy Treasury certificates, so that the poor Chinese are by now the world’s largest creditors to the rich Americans.

More recently however, China has begun to import more itself, in particular from Southeast Asia and using it’s American earned US dollars to get at least something more that worthless Treasury certificates on which the US is bound to default, because it will be neither able nor willing to make good.

All depends on how long the rest of the world is still willing to put up with the US dollar as the world currency and what alternatives thereto there are. And this brings us back to the Pentagon as a shaky support for the dollar and the Iraq debacle as yet another chink in the rusty armor of confidence in the US in general and its money in particular.

And it leads us forward to examine the expanding role in the world of China, whose ten percent annual economic growth has been duplicating income every six years and making it a, and soon perhaps the, major player in the world economy.

What is the basis and security of the United States position and power in the world? The answer is the twin pillars of the Dollar and the Pentagon.

The dollar is a paper tiger – literally so, much more than when Mao applied this term to the US. The Pentagon’s strength and mobility is dependent on the dollar, which in turn is supported by US military might. But these two supporting towers of the US are also its two Achilles heels. Through them, like the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York, the entire US edifice can come crashing down in one morning – not by terrorism but through the operation of the world market economy and the foolish policies of the United States government itself.

With the end of the cold war in 1989 and the subsequent decline of Russia as a serious immediate contender, as well as the decline during the 1990s of the hype of JAPAN AS # 1 [Vogel 1979] two other regions, states and powers came into contention.

They are the United States whose fortunes and prospects seemed to have declined after 1970 but recovered in the 1990s; and yet it is a paper tiger.

The other is the rising Fiery Chinese Dragon In global terms, we could regard this as a process of continued shift of the world center of gravity west-ward around the globe, from East Asia/China to Western Europe, then across the Atlantic to the United States, and there then from the eastern to the western seaboard, and now onwards across the Pacific back to East Asia, as observed in my “Around the World in Eighty Years” [Frank 2000]. Let us inquire further into the so far last part of this historical process.

Coup d’Etat in Washington

Be wary of conspiracy theories, beware of real conspiracies, and be aware of a grab of power.

It has happened in Washington and its instigators are pursuing a policy of (several) faits accomplis that attracts ever more people to jump on the band wagon. The Busch administration has made a real Coup d’Etat and achieved its apparently unknowing acceptance by America and the World. Even Hitler and Mussolini came to power by electoral routes and Stalin and Latin American dictators had to resort to violence to make their coups d’etat. Bush and his small coterie required none of these to get to the seat of power.

“The Coup”: Bush’s Accession to the Presidency

To begin with, Bush’s accession to the Presidency was in violation to the Constitution. It is not that he received a minority of the popular vote, because the Constitution provides for the President’s election by the Electoral College. But Bush received the Electoral College vote by fraud, for he lost the decisive popular and thereby electoral vote in Florida. His brother Jeb as Governor of Florida with the help of Mrs Harris as Secretary of State first deprived hundreds of thousands of African American and presumably Democratic voters of the vote through incarceration, intimidation, and other means.

ng Manchuria and elsewhere in Northeast China,


Coup d’Etat in Washington and ‘The Dollar Paper Tiger, Fiery Dragon in Asia and the Pacific

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