The story of THE TWO CENTURIES WHEN Israel attacked America, and the US government sided with Tel Aviv-NO, THIS WAS BEFORE ISRAEL & USA ATTACKED New York ON 11 SEPTEMBER 2001

If USA/DC don’t mind Holocausting 3,000 Americans in New York on one day, what makes you think they could give a shit less about murdering 19 kids in Uvalde Texas to get more gun control? The story of when Israel attacked America, and the US government sided with Tel Aviv RT remembers the story of […]

A new point about the missing virus

by Jon Rappoport June 8, 2022 Actually, this is a point I’ve made before, but now I’m boiling it down to the bare essentials. Here we go: If you were a) honest and b) the head of a major public health agency, there is something you would do, before declaring COVID a worldwide pandemic requiring […]

COVID Vaccines Linked to New Type of Incurable, Fatal Degenerative Brain Disorder

Hey you USA loving dumb F##Ks who vote for baby raping political whores who sold America out generations ago, please go get your “COVID” Booster “Vaccine”. Hell, get two or three! The Ole Dog! Studies suggest a link between an incurable and fatal prion disease known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) and COVID-19 vaccines. Researchers believe […]

In The Beginning There Was God

In the beginning there was God- Then God gave me the existence nod- Created from the source of all- Given the spirit of the law- Sent to fight the battles so very far away- Tasked with tortured existence in the recurring day- To ride the rolling thunder with a jagged lance of lightning- The explosion […]