Horrifying School Shootings Should Not Be Surprising in a Nation That Celebrates Mass Murder

One thing.
It keeps being reported the Feds sent in a Immigration Service Swat Team to end the slaughter in Uvalde.

That is bull shit.

An off duty Border Patrol field agent with some swat training who’s wife is a teacher at the school and their daughter a student at the school sat down at his barbers to get a hair cut.
His wife texted him there was an active shooter at the school and to come save them.

He jumped out of the barber chair, grabbed his barber’s shotgun, went to the school, found four cops who agreed to back him up, went in and ended the carnage as the swat team was outside trying to decide what to do.

It was not a cop weapon which ended the mass murder of children, it was a barber’s privately owned shot gun.

150 cops armed to the teeth stood around for over an hour while children were killed and a barber’s privately owned shotgun was what put a stop to it.
Not school cop weapons, not city cop weapons, not STATE OF TEXAS cop weapons, not Federal cop weapons.

A private citizen privately owned shotgun was what put and end to the carnage.
So what do politicians want to do?
Give the cops more weapons and take private citizen’s weapons away.

The Ole Dog!

An utterly horrifying tragedy unfolded this week in Uvalde, Texas as yet another deranged psychopath entered a school full of children and began indiscriminately killing. This 18-year-old monster barricaded himself in a single classroom where he had his way with two teachers and 19 students, executing all of them in cold blood. The security force paid for by taxpayer dollars did nothing to stop him and only after he murdered the entire classroom was a SWAT team sent in to take him out.

Predictably, political blowhards didn’t even wait for the bodies to cool before they began exploiting the deaths of innocent children to score political points. Rabid partisan hacks have been frothing at the mouths for 48 hours now as they put forth their “solutions” to the problem of mass shootings that involve about as much depth and nuance as a kiddie pool full of piss.

“Guns are the problem!” screams the rabid anti-gun left. “We need more teachers with guns!” screams the pro-gun right. Yet neither of the two sides have been able to do a damn thing to stop or prevent these horrific events.

If it is a gun problem, why is it that other countries with well armed citizens don’t see the same frequency of mass shootings? If it’s solely a mental health issue, why don’t other countries with higher rates of mental disorders see the same mass murders?

The United States spends roughly a quarter of a trillion dollars every year on mental health care but none of that money goes to psychological research. Instead, psychological research is funded by the nation’s $66 billion annual research fund and and a portion, 1.5 percent, goes to actual psychological research.

Nevertheless, billions of taxpayer dollars flow into the mental health industry’s coffers and most mental health issues go untreated as the country’s mental health problem gets worse. Hundreds of billions of tax dollars are making lots of industry insiders and big pharma players rich yet we’re nowhere close to figuring out what triggers these lunatics to carry out such horrors.

Perhaps we need to look deeper than the two talking points offered up by politicians every time this happens. Perhaps we need to look at the ones offering up the solutions in the first place.


Horrifying School Shootings Should Not Be Surprising in a Nation That Celebrates Mass Murder

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