The last estimate I saw was the pedophile political prostitutes in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac

steal from Americans over forty MILLION fiat inflationary Not federal, No reserves, and Not a bank paper “dollars” to send to the Rothschild’s private resort and fiefdom in Occupied Palestine, 365 days a year.
366 days a year on leap years.

Ukraine is a shit hole because the pedophilic political prostitutes in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac

“Cookies” Nuland spending American’s cash passing out store-bought cookies to US’s hired thugs in Ukraine, 2014

stole 5 Billion dollars from Americans and used it to violently overthrow the duly elected government of Ukraine in 2014, replacing it with a puppet “government”.

The last war Americans fought which can be justified, and was about preserving American’s freedoms was the South, the Confederacy shooting the evil damn invading yankees from Washington DC who were gang raping children and their mothers to death, burning grandmas and grandpa’s to death in their own homes, causing the deliberate starvation of tens of thousands of children, stealing everything of value

to including digging up the dead to rob, the leveling with mass murder of whole cities filled with helpless civilians.

As a Connoisseur of history (REAL HISTORY, NOT THE LIES TAUGHT IN US GOVERNMENT INDOCTRINATION CENTERS CALLED PUBLIC SCHOOLS) who scored in the top 97% of the whole damn country on my university entrance exam, was offered West Point and have spent 40 plus years afterwards learning in depth history, I can tell you the lies and deception used to drag America in each and every war since the mass murders and gang rapes of USA/Washington DC’s war crimes of 1861-1865 and 158 years of illegal occupations of the South.

None of them were about what was good for America, freedom for Americans or to benefit humanity.

The closet homosexual atheist lying manic depressive war criminal yankee Lincoln killed George Washington’s and his winter soldiers Volunteer Union replacing it with a Bastion of Marxist evil which still rules from Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac today!

As a 2nd cousin to George Washington, my great grandmother type Anne Washington was George’s great aunt, and as an America who can identify five great grandfather types (there will be more) who where winter soldiers under cousin George, I feel qualified to translate what George said into modern English.

To HELL with the European quagmire of Usury banking, communistic backstabbing maneuvering for personal wealth and power by pedophilic evil sons of bitches in Europe, America has become a shit hole of evil which MUST be cleaned up.
Let us worry first about America.
Let us start with Washington DC!

The Ole Dog!

In a striking indication of the American right’s increasingly skeptical view of costly foreign interventionism, the Heritage Foundation took an aggressive stance against the $40 billion aid package approved by Congress earlier this month.

In a May 10 statement ahead of the House vote, Heritage executive director Jessica Anderson said,

“This proposed Ukraine aid package takes money away from the priorities of the American people and recklessly sends our taxpayer dollars to a foreign nation without any accountability. America is struggling with record-setting inflation, debt, a porous border, crime and energy depletion yet progressives in Washington are prioritizing a $40 billion aid package to Ukraine.”

Noting Congress had approved a $13 billion aid package just two months earlier, Heritage blasted the new aid proposal for its lack of spending offsets and the absence of a guarantee that European countries would make proportionate financial commitments of their own.

Flirting with an “America first” philosophy, the press release was titled, “Ukraine Aid Package Puts America Last.”

Though the aid package proceeded apace, Heritage’s opposition was particularly significant because it came from conservative flagship with a profoundly hawkish history.

Heritage backed the invasion of Iraq and continued to defend it well after it had been fully revealed as an unjust disaster. A 2007 Heritage FAQ about Iraq asked—given there were no weapons of mass destruction and knowing what we know now—whether Iraq should have been invaded. “Yes,” replied Heritage. “Saddam Hussein’s regime was a major threat to American interests and the region as a whole.”

Heritage was likewise a steady cheerleader for keeping U.S. troops endangered in the fool’s errand that was the Afghanistan war, churning out reports with titles like “Afghan Review Shows Troop Surge Working and “Maintain Momentum in Afghanistan.”

In a Ukraine-vote post-mortem at the Wall Street Journal, Heritage president Kevin Roberts said his think tank had been accused of “abandoning conservative principles or embracing populist isolationism. Neither charge is true. But in one sense, both are welcome. The war in Ukraine may finally force conservatives into the intramural foreign policy debate they have put off for more than 30 years.”


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