Hands all over little children Biden is a Commie/Zionist Anti-American lying sack of Pig S#it

The constitution never gave one American can one Right.
Rights come from God.
The constitution attempted to steal God Given Rights and allow parts of those stolen rights back as privileges.

But back to Hands all over little children Biden saying there has always been limitations on the 2nd amendment.

He is either so stupid he could not pour rancid horse piss out of a Texican cowboy boot with the directions printed on the bottom of the heel or he is deliberately lying his pedo ass off to Americans.

In the days when the 2nd amendment was put in the constitution, when America had a war the men who showed up to fight were encouraged to bring their own weapons as weapons were always in short supply.
The government did not want men showing up with bows and arrows or sling shots to face British Brown Bess Muskets and cannons.
They wanted the men to have the most modern, best weapons they could have.
Any man who wanted to have a few cannons and organize a field artillery unit was much appreciated.

When George Washington accepted the position of command of the American forces in 1776, when he got to New York he found the American forces had 3 barrels of gun powder, most troops were marching with brooms or shovels in place of muskets.

In the harbor were many British ships loaded with cannons, muskets, gun powered and thousands of the best trained troops in the world at the time.

He went off by himself, placed his head in his hands and did not say a word for half an hour.

It was not until Washington DC got themselves a standing army and started trying to make slaves of Americans they started trying to disarm Americans.


Is Hands all over little children Biden an ignorant fool or a lying Commie Anti-American criminal ass hole?

Or both?


The Ole Dog!

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