Occupation of the Republic of Texas Guvnor Greg A-BUTT is BOOED by Uvalde crowd as he Biden and first lady Jill arrive at memorial to 19 children and two teachers slain in the massacre

Gov. Abbott was booed and greeted with cries of demands for help as he arrived at Robb Elementary School Protesters also demanded new gun legislation in the aftermath of the shooting that the 19 children dead DC PENIS CONTROL ACT Biden hugged the school’s principal Mandy Gutierrez and touched photos of the slain children (I […]

Uvalde Police Department Releases Statement: Thankful “Officers Did Not Sustain Any Life Threatening Injuries” After 19 Children And Two Teachers Are Dead

YA GOTTA FACE THE BULLETS TO GET INJURED. STANDING AROUND OUTSIDE RUNNING YELLOW TAPE AND TASERING PARENTS TO KEEP THEM FROM RESCUING THEIR OWN KIDS IS FAIRLY SAFE. The Ole Dog! The Uvalde Police Department has come under scrutiny for allowing as many as 78 minutes to pass before entering the room where a shooter […]

House Oversight Committee To Probe Gunmakers After Texas School Shooting-“I am deeply concerned that gun manufacturers continue to profit from the sale of weapons of war

DAMN RIGHT Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.)!! US Firearms manufactures DO continue to profit from selling weapons of war which are used to murder children. Little Libyan children were slaughtered with US arms manufactures weapons of war. Every day Semitic Indigenous Palestinian children are slaughtered with US weapons of war provided to the Non Semitic red […]