TURN ABOUT IS FAIR PLAY-Iran seizes Greek tankers after US ‘piracy’

The Greeks stole a Russian Flagged tanker filled with Iranian oil then released it so the USA could steal it.

US PIRATES a Russia-Flagged Tanker Full Of Iranian Oil Near Greece

Now Iran has returned the favor.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

Being a Texican who’s cousin killed in a stand up gun fight the second in command to the Mexican bandit turned “revolutionary” Poncho Villa;

After his bunch tried to wipe out my wife’s family, the survivors got the hell to Texas, I am well aware of Poncho and his exploits.

Old joke about a man was talking about how bad ass poncho Villa was and a old peon named Jose said “oh, he is not that bad”1

The man says what you mean?
He is a bad ass!

Jose said we had lunch together one time.

The other guy says no way!

Si says Jose.
I was going down the road on my donkey when poncho rode up.
His horse took a shit.
Poncho pulled his pistola and told me to eat some.
I said no poncho, por favor.
He grinned and cocked his pistola and said si, eat some.

I got down and ate some.

Poncho’s horse bucked him off, he dropped his pistola, I picked it up and told Poncho, eat some.

He said por Favor no Jose!

I said si, eat some.
He ate some.
Si, me and Poncho had lunch together one time!

The Ole Dog!

Tehran’s troops boarded two Greek oil tankers after Athens enabled the US seizure of an Iranian-flagged vessel
Iran seizes Greek tankers after US ‘piracy’

Iranian soldiers seized two oil tankers flying the Greek flag in the Persian Gulf on Friday, while Tehran protested the confiscation of one of its own vessels in Greek waters earlier this week, calling it US “piracy.” Washington reportedly plans to sell the ship’s oil cargo, which was confiscated under sanctions targeting Russia.

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Navy troops used helicopters to board the tankers Delta Poseidon and Prudent Warrior on Friday, the industry monitor Lloyd’s List reported. The ships were “later escorted by naval vessels from international traffic lanes to Iranian waters a few miles off the coast,” according to the same source.

The Greek Foreign Ministry confirmed the seizure of the two vessels and demanded their release. Iranian media likewise confirmed the capture of the ships, making clear it was reprisal against the actions of the government in Athens. More than 25% of the world’s tankers fly the Greek flag.

“The Islamic Republic has decided to take punitive measures against Greece after it seized an Iranian tanker and let the US government confiscate its crude oil,” reported Nour News, an outlet affiliated with the IRGC.


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