Cardinal Sodano, Vatican Homo Pedo ‘Godfather’ alleged to have covered up clerical abuse, dies aged 94

Cardinal Angelo Sodano, alleged to have been an active homosexual, wielded significant power during his 60 years in the Vatican. VATICAN CITY-Cardinal Angelo Sodano, the powerful former Vatican Secretary of State for two popes, has died aged 94. Cardinal Sodano died May 27, after having been hospitalized in Rome’s Columbus Hospital-Gemelli for COVID-19 since May […]

Tennessee elementary school principal is fired by board for dragging autistic boy, 11, by his feet through school hallways with help of teacher after he misbehaved

In my previous post I talked about the VERY STUPID kids coming out of “public schools” in America. Now lets talk about the very stupid people supposed to be teaching the stupid kids graduating from Public schools. The stupid are teaching stupidity in US “public schools”. I suppose when you have folks who seem to […]

Young Americans Don’t Know ANYTHING!

I KNEW AMERICANS WERE STUPID, BUT THIS STUPID. BUT YET THEY HAVE SEX AND CHILDREN. I BEEN SAYING THEY ARE TATTOOING THIS SIDE UP ON THE GIRLS BELLIES! Schooling and a education are two very different things. I myself received 12 years of public schooling. But I educated myself. Just because the US “public Schools […]

For His Safety, Lifeguard Waits An Hour For Backup Before Jumping In To Save Struggling Swimmer

SAN FERNANDO, CA—A lifeguard at the San Fernando Community Pool reportedly refused to jump in and save a drowning child who was fighting for his life in 6 feet of water because it would constitute risking his life. The lifeguard in question, Peter Stroll, claimed to be following standard lifeguarding procedure. “Are you kidding? I […]