US PIRATES a Russia-Flagged Tanker Full Of Iranian Oil Near Greece

For those of you with a US “public school” “education”, Iran is a sovereign nation which does not fall under the “laws” of the US or the EU.

In addition it was not Iran which Holocausted 3,000 Americans in New York on 11 September 2001, but Israhell and USA.

Russia is a sovereign nation which does not fall under the jurisdiction of the USA’s or the EU’s “laws”.

If two sovereign Nations want to freely carry on trade in an excepted commodity such as oil, it is none of the US’s or the EU’s damn business.

Thats called Piracy and Pirates used to be hanged.

And to any ignorant person out there saying BUT-BUT-BUT-Russia invaded Ukraine!!!!!!, Please tell your little children raping political prostitutes in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac to end their 158 year long ILLEGAL occupation of my Republic of Texas.

The Ole Dog!

Fresh off of the US targeting a series of companies involved in an Iran-linked oil smuggling network, the US has now seized an oil tanker near Greece, taking the Iranian oil within to be sent to the US.

The oil was on a Russian-operated ship, which had been singled out for US targeting in February. It was then called the Pegas. The company renamed the ship the Lana and was Russian flagged. Greece had impounded the Pegas and its Russian crew last month over the invasion of Ukraine, but ultimately released it.

Neither the US nor Russia is commenting. Greece says the US informed them the oil was Iranian, and that the US hired a different ship to take the oil to America. Iran has summoned the Greek charges d’affaires and called the incident a “clear example of piracy.”

The US accused the tanker of loading 700,000 Bbls of oil from Iran in August 2021. The tanker mostly sent oil to China.

Earlier in the week The Maritime Executive detailed that “The story of a shadowy Russian oil tanker took a new turn… as the U.S. Department of Justice seized the oil aboard the vessel and according to reports is in the process of transferring the oil to the United States on a chartered tanker.”

“The vessel was detained nearly seven weeks ago in Greece when authorities thought it was covered by the European Union sanctions on Russian assets, but later held for mechanical deficiencies while watchdog groups announced that it was actually smuggling sanctioned Iranian oil.”


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