“It Was The Wrong Decision” – Officers Waited To Engage Texas Shooter Because “They Could Have Been Shot”


After I post this and get a cup of coffee, I am going to go visit a friend in his place of business so we can talk over this Charlie Foxtrot affair in Uvalde.

He is a Viet Nam vet who saw more than his share of shit in Viet Nam and who was pulled out of moth balls for Desert Storm, and was running around the desert putting lasers on mobil scud launchers so US aircraft could blow them up.

This had to be done as Iraq was launching scuds at Israel and if Israel retaliated the Arab coalition the USA was counting on for the appearance of legitimacy would have fallen apart.

I spent a couple of weeks in Egypt setting up an air head on an Egyptian Naval base while Saddam was shooting scuds at Israel.
Not ONE American GI in Egypt had a weapon.
We Knew if Israel retaliated Egypt would switch sides and we would be instant POWs.
The running Joke was if that happened, should we should just drop our own pants and bend over to make what was damn well going to happen easier and faster to get done.

I think I will ask my friend why in Viet Nam and Desert Storm he did not tell his superiors he was just going to stay in his bunker cause if he faced the enemy he might get shot?

I should have just told my superiors I was just gonna stay in America cause if I went to their damn war, I might get shot.
Which I damn near did.

Always safer to climb under a rock and hide than be a man.
But my question is, why people who know they have no balls put on a badge which might require them to use some balls at some point?

The Ole Dog!

Update (1250ET): In a very emotional and defensive press conference this morning, Texas DPS Director Steven McCraw admitted said the decision of officers to wait to enter the building was the “wrong” one.

“In retrospect, from where I am sitting from right now, clearly there were kids in the room. It’s important for live saving proposes to immediately get there and render aid,” McCraw said.

“Of course it was not the right decision, it was the wrong decision.”

Officials acknowledged many flaws in the response to the Uvalde school shooting saying police officers should have gone in rather than waiting, and that delay cost lives of children.

“It was the wrong decision, very wrong. There’s no excuse for that. … When there’s an active shooter, the rules change. There is no longer a barricaded subject. You don’t have time,” he said.

McCraw added that “if I thought it would help, I would apologize.”

[No it won’t help! The Ole Dog!]


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