‘I was misled… I am livid’: Texas Gov. Abbott claims Uvalde cops LIED to him about why they failed for an HOUR to take down teen elementary school shooter as fury mounts at police

If the Occupied Illegally by the USA Corporation for 158 years Republic of Texas had not been occupied by the ‘STATE OF TEXAS’, a sub corporation of the illegally occupying USA corporation, Texicans subjugated to the USA “laws” which forbid God Given Rights of self defense while protecting and mollycoddling the criminals who prey on […]


EVERY USA WORSHIPING DEMOCRAT GETTING ON A GRAY HOUND BUS TO WASHINGTON DC WITH A USA WORSHIPING REPUBLICAN UNDER EACH ARM! “Greg Abbott cancels speech at NRA convention…” In occupied Palestine, the non Semitic red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian invaders carry assault rifles and mass murder the indigenous Semitic Palestinians children. In the occupied […]

Hell and Heaven

I can not be sent to hell at the end of this life- This time of sheep’s bleating cowardice and strife- Walking among sheep is hell on earth- To escape this hell through death will be worth- The walk through the valley of the shadow- It will be a blessing to be made hallow- Hell […]

The police were doing nothing’: Uvalde police handcuffed and pepper-sprayed parents, who urged them to storm the school, including the dad of a murdered girl and a mom-of-two who got free, jumped a fence and rescued her kids herself

Frantic parents urged armed officers to charge into the school and stop the gunman, instead the officers handcuffed and restrained some of the parents Angeli Rose Gomez said she was handcuffed by police but when she was released she jumped a fence and retrieved her kids herself Angel Garza, whose daughter was killed, was handcuffed […]